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siplace s-15 scanning unit DP

Electronics Forum | Thu Feb 26 09:27:15 EST 2004 | smtprof

How i can adjust sensitivity of scanning unit DP-Axis amplifier ?

siplace s-15 scanning unit DP

Electronics Forum | Fri Feb 27 10:12:36 EST 2004 | stefwitt

The front plate of the S15 head gives you access to the signal amplifier boards. You'll find 4 potentiometers adjusting the voltage and the symmetry of track A and B. A digital scope turned to X+Y provides an image of a circle, which is been adjusted

AOI - Alternate line scanning technique

Electronics Forum | Mon Apr 17 04:25:38 EDT 2006 | TA

Hi , Does any one has eperience on SAKI's ( Japan ) AOI m/c. They use Line Scan technology and claim to have the fastest. regards

What paper do you use for scanning artwork on AOI?

Electronics Forum | Wed Dec 14 10:19:56 EST 2016 | jaktechie

Hello, I am new to this forum but I have a question. We use an Orbotech Discovery Ultra to inspect our photo-tools. We currently use this lint free paper as a contrast material underneath the phototool since the vacuum bed on the AOI is black and ou

Mydata Line Scan

Electronics Forum | Thu May 13 12:24:26 EDT 2004 | cyber_wolf

We have an older line scan camera on our MY series machine.(The one that uses the X wagon trigger/encoder to turn on the line scan)When I go into the service program and turn the line scan camera to "camera action on" the LED's will only stay lit for

Nordson Dage scan board funtion is not working

Electronics Forum | Wed Sep 20 10:45:11 EDT 2023 | kirill

Hello A scan board and scan full options has stopped working for me. Any idea how to make these functions work again ?

How to stop components moving on nozzle

Electronics Forum | Fri Apr 20 09:52:25 EDT 2018 | ushir

Hey everyone, Ive recently discovered a problem where components picked are moving on a nozzle during the vision scan. Pick and Place being used is an iPulse M7-3L. When the scan camera scans across the components, the components are shifting on the

Wrong Part on Siemens

Electronics Forum | Wed Sep 22 06:28:35 EDT 1999 | Bach Huss

Hi All, We have 19 Siemens machine running here and lately I was assigned to come out with a proposal on the wrong part issue on Siemens Machines. All of our machines are equip with siemens part verification in which there the part barcode is scanne

Wrong Parts Loaded......again

Electronics Forum | Mon Oct 13 16:32:55 EDT 2014 | tombstonesmt

Designator>Part Number>Alternate. 2D labels are placed on all slots of the machine, operator scans slot, scans reel with unique material ID. Green light if it's good, red light if it's bad. Our software cannot lock out a machine if there is an incorr

ScanPlace or any scanner cad package

Electronics Forum | Thu Jan 17 18:09:09 EST 2002 | Bill Loving

Dear Dave F. Please note that ScanCAD International Inc. moved to a new building in 1995 and the current address and contact information is: www.scancad.com ScanCAD International, Inc. P.O. Box 598 Morrison, CO 80465-0598 Phone: 303-697-8888, Fa

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