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smt scrap reduction

Electronics Forum | Mon Jun 06 10:14:05 EDT 2005 | stepheniii

The biggest most important overall factor I have seen is the personel running and looking after the equipment. Any plan not involving them will probably not be effective. The front line people can probably tell you more than you can tell them. I hav

Acceptable standards

Electronics Forum | Tue May 31 18:08:45 EDT 2005 | K

All good points and thank you for your replies. Most of the components lost are discretes. The problem I have is my operators gather any SOIC "lost components" and return them to stores in a small metallised bag. This in turn goes into a 16" X 12" X

Manufacturing in China, Revisited

Electronics Forum | Tue Oct 19 22:51:07 EDT 2004 | KEN

I feel it is less pressure from consumers and more from stock holder increased demands for dividends. Every quaters end our publicly traded customers go bezerk on increased orders to show increased finished goods and less component inventory. All t


Electronics Forum | Thu Feb 10 15:26:57 EST 2000 | Dean

Simplify. FInd your botle-neck process (use a stop watch). You assume it is a P&P machine...(it could also be print or glue etc.) Your only concern is that bottle neck process and how many parts / hour that process can deliver. That is your gatin

Re: quoting smt

Electronics Forum | Wed Jun 09 23:48:38 EDT 1999 | dEAN

| I am interested in seeing how some of you quote smt work. Currently we quote off a bom without component packages known then look in data books to find out what type of component they are. This job will be mine soon but i really believe there is a

SMT Component Yield Factors

Electronics Forum | Tue Jul 10 11:25:36 EDT 2007 | jax

Multiple Factors that account for Scrap: During Set-Up: A percentage will not work. When setting up feeders you will normally use a certain length of populated pockets. The amount of parts this affects depends on 1.type of feeder 2.type of part

Decommissioning or Scrapping PTH/SMT equipment

Electronics Forum | Wed Mar 29 18:57:09 EST 2000 | Dreamsniper

Some manufacturing companies, specially those in the small and medium scale find it hard to decommission/scrap equipment specially if they can still use them even though these equipment are giving them head aches on downtime and quality. I just would

Scrap criteria

Electronics Forum | Mon Sep 19 08:43:30 EDT 2005 | stepheniii

There is not "one size fits all" answer. One criteria I've heard used is scrap it after so many hours of troubleshooting if it's not fixed. End use of the board would be a factor as well. I would want someone giving up salvaging a board for a defibr

SMT Component Yield Factors

Electronics Forum | Mon Jul 09 11:59:25 EDT 2007 | sck1971

Does anyone have any industry standard yield factors to load at the component level to account for set up scrap and machine waste during production? I'm assuming there are different percentages used for each package size (0402, 0603, SOIC8, etc) but

Conformal Coating Strip with Connectors???

Electronics Forum | Fri Feb 19 08:02:38 EST 2010 | duso02

We regularly strip conformal coating for military customers. Connector removal is not required. The type of coating is the biggest factor. Acrylics and silicones are easy and will come off nicely without any other damage. Epoxy and fully cured polyur

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