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Universal 4796 rear LCD touchscreen monitor

Electronics Forum | Sun Oct 26 20:23:23 EST 2003 | franklam

Don't know which year 's machine you got, the touch screen monitor came with a computer control card. I think you have no choice and to go with Universal.

MPM screen printer

Electronics Forum | Tue Apr 27 15:21:45 EDT 2004 | Claude_Couture

Does it need shop air? Are there any moving axes that are at their limit? Any messages on the monitor?

screen printer - vision

Electronics Forum | Mon Apr 26 08:15:37 EDT 2004 | pjc

MPM uses a one-print-Mylar system, as do other printer mfrs. In this system there is a Mylar sheet attached to a frame that is secured over the printer table with the board on it. You print onto the Mylar. The table X-Y-theta manual adjustments are u

MPM SPM touch screen replacement ideas

Electronics Forum | Wed Jul 16 06:42:19 EDT 2008 | cyber_wolf

We converted ours from touch screen to a monitor with a mouse.

MPM SPM touch screen replacement ideas

Electronics Forum | Thu Jul 17 08:36:21 EDT 2008 | steveliu

How did you convert the touch screen to the monitor and mouse combination? We had the same problem two years ago and tried to do the conversion, but ended up with a new DC/DC power supply card.

Full IR Reflow versus conventional convection ?

Electronics Forum | Thu Mar 23 16:22:14 EST 2006 | gipos

Chunks, Have you worked with Universal Full IR 4816 CRS reflow-curing oven ?? We have received it and powered up.It looks like new, has touch screen monitor with commands. Why not to use it for simple uniform low pofile components (avoid shadowing)an

Universal reflow acess code HELP !!!

Electronics Forum | Tue Mar 21 16:16:51 EST 2006 | gipos

Dear All, We shall be more than thankfull if someone who worked with Universal IR reflow-curing owen (model 4816 CRS) can help. The owen is powering up but needs 4 digit acess code. It is acquired from a closed factory. Maybe it dose have some secr

Fuji IP1 not reading fiducials

Electronics Forum | Tue Apr 27 16:42:18 EDT 2010 | m79d

Hi jepoy + a very frazzled man thanks for your suggestions,here is how it went:- I found a couple of these VM1710 boards and tried one and still nothing. I really wanted to see if power was getting to the camera and anything coming out. I was loo

samsung cp40 help for problem with fiducial camera and fixing camera

Electronics Forum | Wed Jul 29 10:27:01 EDT 2015 | risorse_new

Goodmornin I have a problem with the fixing and move cameras, i don't see the image of the cameras on the screen. On the monitor i see the cross and letter, but i can no see on the black box the camera images. I know the problem is on the ADDA Board.

F4G Real Time Monitor ?

Electronics Forum | Wed Nov 10 18:06:40 EST 2010 | rodrigo

Hi all... I have the F4g connected to a CP65 and I can transmit programs and receive proper data without a problem. So I was reading the manual and it says that I can use the Real Time Monitor to monitor ... stuff. I don't knnow how this works! I st

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