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CyberOptics SE300

Electronics Forum | Wed Sep 01 11:09:45 EDT 2004 | burgosa

We are considering the CyberOptics SE300 for solder paste inspection at post-stencil print. Does anyone have experience with this AOI machine? How it works with small apertures like 0201's and uBGA's? Comments are welcome. Thanks

Cyber Optics SE300

Electronics Forum | Mon Feb 25 20:43:26 EST 2013 | garym4569

Does anyone have experience with Cyber Optics SE300 solder paste inspection system. Is this a solid machine? Is the software user friendly? Any info appreciated. Thanks in advance. Gary M

Cyberoptics SPI SE300 Ultra

Electronics Forum | Thu Sep 24 07:25:34 EDT 2015 | anilwagh

I have Cyberoptics SPI SE300 Ultra machine purchased from auction. I need service/Electrical/Program manuals.

Cyberoptics SPI SE300 Ultra

Electronics Forum | Mon Oct 12 05:54:10 EDT 2015 | anilwagh

I have brought SE300 Ultra spi machine. Is it possible to crate new program on machine? or need offline software.

3-D Solder Paste Inspection

Electronics Forum | Mon Mar 31 18:07:20 EDT 2008 | mobytahoe

Try the CyberOptics SE300. You will love it!

Height paste measurement

Electronics Forum | Mon Jul 29 09:24:30 EDT 2002 | pjc

Its nearly impossibile to get any Gage R&R on systems that require the operator to posisition the board to be measured. For this you need an automatic measurement system. There are many vendors out there in addition to CyberOptics, models SE 200 and

AOI: Comparisons

Electronics Forum | Tue Aug 31 11:21:23 EDT 2004 | burgosa

Thanks for your input. Have you or anyone considered CyberOptics SE300? How does it works for small solder paste deposits (i.e. 0201)?

Solder Paste AOI

Electronics Forum | Tue Oct 05 18:38:52 EDT 2004 | msjohnston1

Does anyone have real working experience with the Orbotech Symbion P36 solder paste AOI? And does anyone have real working experience about the CKD VP 1000 system? What do you think about the CyberOptics SE300 system? Thanks, MJ

Cyberoptics SPI SE300 Ultra

Electronics Forum | Tue Oct 20 16:38:31 EDT 2015 | stevea

If you do not have GC Place or EPM programming software, you will be required to purchase prior to running. You can create a manual script, but very difficult and time consuming. ASC International can assist with servicing these older machines.

Solder Paste Inspection Systems

Electronics Forum | Fri Jan 25 18:22:03 EST 2008 | mobytahoe

We have evaluated (in-house) the following machines: Agilent SP50, CyberOptics SE300, Siemens OS. We have also evaluated the MVP machine and the Orbotech machine off-site. Best bang for your buck??? CyberOptics by far! Better Gage R&R, better standa

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