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Polyimide flex circuit PCB house

Electronics Forum | Tue Jun 16 11:04:11 EDT 2015 | cyber_wolf

Who are the experts in the U.S. regarding polyimide bare board manufacturing ? We are struggling with warpage issues....

Re: Reflow of flex circuit

Electronics Forum | Thu Mar 05 16:25:27 EST 1998 | Brian Stumm @ ETS

| I am looking for information on reflow temps for a flex board. There is only one 6 pin IC but the board has a 3M double sided tape. | Is it possible to reflow without damaging the tape. Any suggestions? Do you have a profiler for your reflow oven?

Re: Polyester flex PCB Supplier

Electronics Forum | Wed Jan 05 07:06:43 EST 2000 | Christopher Lampron

Chiakl, Advanced Circuit Technology in Nashua, NH manufactures low cost polyester flex in a reel to reel process. They can be reached at (603)880-6000. Hope this helps Chris

Flex circuit assembly

Electronics Forum | Wed Jul 09 17:07:51 EDT 2003 | msjohnston

Like many others out there I am new to SMT assembly on flex circuits. In the past, we purchased flex assemblies manufactured from a sub-con. Now we will be building internally. Are there any guidelines when building products with flex circuits? Wa

Flex circuit assembly

Electronics Forum | Tue Jul 15 15:36:31 EDT 2003 | chad

Mike, I'd be more then happy to talk with you offline about pallets for flex assemblies. We have lots of experience with the manufacturing issues associated with them. Thanks, Chad Haima Pentagon EMS 503-924-2747 chadh@pentagon-ems.com

Flex circuit pallets

Electronics Forum | Wed Apr 23 13:27:29 EDT 2003 | chad

What's the actual brand name of the material? I could give you our experiences with most brand types both from a manufacturing and customer standpoint. Thanks, Chad Haima Pentagon EMS chadh@pentagon-ems.com 503-924-2747

Flex circuit assembly

Electronics Forum | Tue Jul 15 10:36:33 EDT 2003 | davef

Equipment, Sldr pallet * Garland Service Company (972)494-1911 fax 0972 http://www.goGSC.com * Datum Dynamics 207 Highpoint Avenue Portsmouth, RI 02871 401-683-5300 FAX 3995 http://www.datumdynamics.com * EES/Grip Technogies Weston CT 203/226

allflex flexible printed circuit SMT placement

Electronics Forum | Fri Jul 02 09:27:36 EDT 2010 | remullis

I am new to flex circuit manufacturing, placing SMT. We have a need to use this technology, but I have no experience in the process. The sample our design engineers have obtained are from a company called Allflex. How does this process work? printi

Re: Bare PWB bake out during circuit assembly

Electronics Forum | Fri Nov 05 21:22:34 EST 1999 | chartrain

Amazing in today's technology that people still bake because "that's the way we've alawys done it". Baking is a band aid for poor manufacturing of the PCB. Moisture can become trapped between the layers during buildup. This moisture when it contacts

Flex Circit Assembly

Electronics Forum | Fri Sep 23 06:08:09 EDT 2011 | prakashpatil2609

Process Details for manufacturing Flex Circuit PCBA

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Midwest Circuit Technology

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