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Screens in selective soldering

Electronics Forum | Thu Jun 25 11:11:13 EDT 2009 | bruna

Hello, I want to hear some experience about selective soldering for PCB using nozzle plate and screens Do you have solder defects? bridges and insufficient soldering? How do you combat that? and about the screens you have good quality? What is the f

soldering to thick gold plating

Electronics Forum | Wed Jul 12 11:26:12 EDT 2006 | flipit

Hi, I believe you have classic gold imbrittlement here. With 80 microinches of gold you are way over the limit. You can try to reflow longer time and at a higher temperature. The gold does not melt into the solder joint. The gold dissolves into

SMT with NO soldermask? selective plating...

Electronics Forum | Wed Aug 27 09:23:03 EDT 2003 | Darrow Gervais

I have an SMT application in which I would like to eliminate the soldermaks layer. I am working on a VERY tightly packed board so I cannot bury the traces and connected them to the pads with vias. I was thinking about selectively plating the expose

SMT with NO soldermask? selective plating...

Electronics Forum | Wed Aug 27 09:45:22 EDT 2003 | caldon

My initial thought (Quick and not to in depth)made me think of the solder joint integrity. I would fear solder contamination if the metal making up the plating would leach (or its elements) into the solder joint. I strongly suggest if you were to go

Trouble selective soldering fine pitch connectors

Electronics Forum | Fri Dec 07 13:31:09 EST 2012 | kenkay

We had a similar issue and it was fixed by trimming the connector so there was barely enough lead protrusion through the board to show a discernible lead. We had to get a special plate and small machine to cut the connectors, but we haven’t had a bri

Selective Soldering - Barrel Fill

Electronics Forum | Fri Oct 15 11:32:04 EDT 2010 | patrickbruneel

Inspecting for plating problems shouldn’t be part of incoming inspection. Your board manufacturer should have the appropriate process control. I shouldn’t have said barrel cracks but plating skips. Plating skips are caused by dull drills or a too hi

Black stain... what causes it?

Electronics Forum | Sat Jan 26 21:33:39 EST 2013 | sarason

Looks like you have a carbon black process that isn't quite plating to completion, pin prick size holes have remained in the plating. When dipped in an etchant (ie any acid or H2O) the holes grow and they leak carbon. This may be more of a problem th

Re: Gold boards OK with SMT?

Electronics Forum | Thu Aug 06 13:09:37 EDT 1998 | Ben Salisbury

Is there any problem using SMT on gold boards? 15 years ago we were told not to use gold boards, but I can't remember why. Judging by the other postings it now appears to be common. Only problem I see is that the nickel should be plated, not ele

Wave Soldering Of Carbon Ink Buttons

Electronics Forum | Mon Dec 17 17:30:40 EST 2001 | davef

One of our board fabricators says that carbon inks should be selected based on the process to be used by the assembler. So, their take on this question has some inks that work fine with nc fluxes, others that do not. They suggest: * Determining t

Baking populated PCBs

Electronics Forum | Wed Sep 09 09:38:53 EDT 2009 | patrickbruneel

Dave is correct (as usual). Baking the boards might reduce blowholes but will definitely not eliminate the problem. Back in my hay days we had a huge problem with blowholes and we baked boards 24/7 with very little success in reducing blowholes (ev

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