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Manually Adjusting Misplaced SMT Components

Electronics Forum | Tue May 19 13:53:53 EDT 2015 | dyoungquist

Parts will self align using Pb free paste as well. If your parts are not self aligning with Pb free paste, you have a problem with either your paste or the oven profile you are using.

Manually Adjusting Misplaced SMT Components

Electronics Forum | Fri May 15 08:18:17 EDT 2015 | emeto

We all agree that you need to have your machine fixed. It probably needs calibration. Using Lead paste will help the parts to self align in the oven - however your misplacement should cover at least 50% of your pad. Pb free paste will not self align

BGA Alignment

Electronics Forum | Wed May 02 09:28:20 EDT 2012 | almoore

The surface tension of lead free solder alloys doesn't self align as well as it does with leaded alloys. Taking the guesswork out of alignment would negate the need for expensive split vision systems and make the parts hand reworkable.

BGA Alignment

Electronics Forum | Tue May 01 20:39:41 EDT 2012 | davef

Good luck with that. A couple of things to think about ... * BGA self-align during reflow, just get 'em on the pads * Add a box [or four corner] legend on the bare board to help you position BGA

Re: reflow theta alignment

Electronics Forum | Fri May 29 20:15:15 EDT 1998 | Steve Gregory

Whoo-doggies Jason, you said a mouthfull!! (GRIN) Anyways, 'member what I said about me being a pack-rat? Guess what? I found some documentation that I've had for a while that does document the self-alignment forces that goes on when reflowing. I ha

BGA placement accuracy

Electronics Forum | Wed Aug 22 09:17:15 EDT 2001 | steven

if do not have x-ray inspection machine, how to verify the 1st board out from the smt placer that the BGA is placed accurately onto the solder pads. the diameter of the solder ball is 1mm. could it self align during reflow?


Electronics Forum | Fri Nov 07 11:32:36 EST 2003 | Gabriele

we experimented round pad for 0402, it improves chip self alignment and reduce tomb stone effects. On 0603, half round shape also gave guud results. G

Manually Adjusting Misplaced SMT Components

Electronics Forum | Thu May 14 16:09:49 EDT 2015 | hottchkisu

Hi All, > > On occasion we see components that > have gone through pick and place and are slightly > misaligned. Currently, operators manually adjust > these misaligned components to prevent reflow > failures. However, I am wondering if this >

Larger lands in corners

Electronics Forum | Mon Jan 14 22:52:48 EST 2008 | davef

Using larger pads on the corners is fairly common to improve self-alignment of BGA and CSP. For example, " Large corner pads and overprint The self-alignment of BGA or CSP can be improved through a design change. By utilizing a large board pad

BGA Alignment

Electronics Forum | Wed May 09 13:19:53 EDT 2012 | markhoch

I'm with Dave on this one. In my opinion, it'd be much more cost effective to add an alignment legend. Speaking from experience, as I've hand placed many BGA's, all you really need to do is hit the pads. Even with Pb Free Chemistries, the part should

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