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Electronics Forum | Wed Mar 20 04:51:14 EDT 2019 | compit

Did anyone collaborate with LEL SEMI? What opinions?

In-Line Stencil Printers vs. Semi-Auto

Electronics Forum | Fri Feb 22 01:58:21 EST 2002 | Marcus

Armin, another argument ist that the range of available options /features is totally different. E.g. automatic stencil wipers, aircondition or post print inspection systems are only avilable in auto�s. These options are also important to stabilize y


Electronics Forum | Wed Mar 20 09:10:44 EDT 2019 | compit

Thank You.

In-Line Stencil Printers vs. Semi-Auto

Electronics Forum | Mon Feb 18 22:14:05 EST 2002 | Armin

what are advantages and disadvantages of the 2 type of printers against each other. And how to justify that an in-line is more profitable in the end than a semi-auto. fyi and regards,

Advise on Semi Auto Cut and Clinch machines

Electronics Forum | Wed Dec 17 11:33:32 EST 2003 | paul_bmc

I am looking for different opinions on semi auto cut and clinch machines. I am currently using Multitroniks Ragen machines and looking to replace them ASAP. I am looking for suggestions of different machines.

Advise on Semi Auto Cut and Clinch machines

Electronics Forum | Wed Dec 17 20:54:25 EST 2003 | dougt

The 400 is probably the benchmark for semi auto through hole, I would recomend this machine regardless of how Contact Systems is doing. There are thousands of these machines out there and there are quite a few groups out there that provide service f

choosing a type semi-automatic stencil printer

Electronics Forum | Fri Apr 23 11:03:20 EDT 2004 | ravi

hi friend, since u are from india, you can choose very good semi-auto printer from EMS Technologies pvt ltd. MK280 one model, good & economical. My working with that m/c i found very good.

Kince 1016 screen printer

Electronics Forum | Wed May 19 22:50:32 EDT 2004 | snehal acharya

can anybody able to rate the performance & quality of KINCE 1016 semi automatic printer with any best semi automatic screen printer. regards, snehal

Support for PRINTEK II semi-auto screen printer

Electronics Forum | Tue Nov 01 11:47:54 EST 2005 | jasont

Hi, Please let me know if you know who supports Printek II semi-auto screen printers in Canada, USA. I have tried to find them on web but lucked out. Thanks, jason@tekmart.com

A BGA reports (RoHS related of course)

Electronics Forum | Mon Feb 12 02:17:32 EST 2007 | Wayne

Most of the semi-con is using SAC305 balls. Only the PCB assembly house feels the heat, but semi-con never feels any pressure.

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