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On contact calibration

Electronics Forum | Mon Jun 14 04:44:15 EDT 2004 | Sam

1. Don't use a PCB for calibration because the tactile sensor have to free to touch the bottom side of stencil. 2. The wiper is option, the function can be disable in the setup menu.

Siplace Axis measuring calibration

Electronics Forum | Mon Sep 09 10:15:29 EDT 2019 | oxygensmd

Hello Everybody, I have a Siplace S20 machine which make X axis counting error. I replaced the sensor, scale and all the parts are good. It seems to be measuring error because the machine do measing error if the X axe move to much. Do somebody have

Drive Cycle Timer calibration procedure?

Electronics Forum | Sun Jan 15 10:36:23 EST 2006 | Robert

Oven runs, input/output sensors work but no product tracking. Various resets have no effect and cannot reset Drive Cycle Timer due to "not calibrated" error. Where can I find the procedure without manuals on-hand?

Quad QSP-2 FeederBase calibration drifting

Electronics Forum | Wed Jun 19 10:11:59 EDT 2019 | jamesn

Hi to everyone I hope someone can help me with a problem I have on a Quad QSP-2. when calibrating ( Or trying to use ) Feeder Bases 2 and 4 on gantry 2 Im getting small amounts of accumulative drift in the X axis. I have changed the servo amplifier

GSM Calibration; Z-axis not touching down to pickup calibration card.

Electronics Forum | Mon Jul 18 21:36:18 EDT 2022 | ttheis

We have two GSM machines (4-spindle, single beam) and had a camera fail on one machine. We decided to clean and calibrate the cameras on both machines. One machine we had no problems and all is working properly. The other machine will not pick up the

DEK288 Machine's

Electronics Forum | Thu Aug 22 04:08:17 EDT 2002 | Jason Baldwin

Symptom: Board Stuck on Print Conveyor error messages. Cause: Board not flagging the camera sensor. Remedy: Check the following items: � Check the camera sensor can see the board underneath. � Check the camera sensor calibration (in Tools, Camera Re

Topaz X error

Electronics Forum | Tue Feb 12 12:45:13 EST 2019 | aldrich17

Yes we do. I've done the R-axis sensor calibration multiple times in the past few weeks due to FNC Nozzle sensor errors, as well as R-axis errors. Do you suggest i go through the entire process of the Head Assembly Calibration? From section 15-1 thru

Topaz X error

Electronics Forum | Wed Feb 13 14:24:05 EST 2019 | aldrich17

The heads attach to the nozzles, or vise versa, so both. At least that's what it seems to look like. Still having issues keeping the R-axis sensor in calibration this makes third day in a row of re calibrating them.

Juki feeder rise error

Electronics Forum | Mon Jan 21 08:44:00 EST 2013 | emeto

Hi, as far as I remember Juki machines have sendor to check if there is a feeder high. So you have several thingd to check here: 1. Check if there is a feeder high 2. check the sensor calibration. I think it is a beam from one side that goes streig

Old m/c

Electronics Forum | Wed Mar 19 15:24:31 EDT 2008 | operator

I appreciate the suggestions. I don't mean to hyjack this thread. I will try and get some time to look into this while you guys are around. I am knee deep in maintainence overhaul on a QSA-30 right now. Vac sensors not calibrated, oil in the vacuum g

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