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servo overflow

Electronics Forum | Mon Jan 31 13:02:43 EST 2005 | jgarver1

Do you have an extra VME Servo Board to try? Servo Overflows are not as common as Over Currents or hard amplifier failures. They seem to be resolved by replacing the servo board and not the amp or motor. My $.02

servo overflow

Electronics Forum | Mon Jan 31 04:47:33 EST 2005 | deepak

still happening!

servo overflow

Electronics Forum | Thu Jan 20 06:01:23 EST 2005 | mhe

Hi guys, we are facing a problem - d axis servo overflow in our fuji cp-4. Can anyone please suggest some remedy? thanks deepak

servo overflow

Electronics Forum | Tue Feb 01 14:26:53 EST 2005 | johnw

Just for starters you are experiencing a possible closedloop feedback error 1 your motor is on its way out 2 increase the reach pulse in propers 3 check gain of servo mail me for more info

servo overflow

Electronics Forum | Thu Jan 20 06:38:27 EST 2005 | unknown

Please contact NMTronics, they can give you some decent advice

servo overflow

Electronics Forum | Sun Jan 30 10:50:21 EST 2005 | jimmyb

Is it still happening, or did you already solve it?

servo overflow

Electronics Forum | Fri Feb 04 06:15:21 EST 2005 | deepak

thanks for the suggestions. will e-mail the details to you.

servo overflow

Electronics Forum | Mon Jan 31 10:09:53 EST 2005 | jimmyb

1. Is it reset-able (without power down)? 2. Is this a CP41 or CP42 (only 1 D motor)? 3. Any pattern, or just random? 4. How often, once a PCB, once a hour, etc?

QSP2 servo amp

Electronics Forum | Fri Dec 19 17:11:24 EST 2014 | guts1872

My QSP2 motors keep shutting off with an error message on the screen that says Z1 motion fail. Z safe motion motion failed due to previous error. When homing the heads I observe the servo amp indicator LEDs. They are all green while the gantries are

QSP2 servo amp

Electronics Forum | Mon Dec 22 04:55:41 EST 2014 | bobpan

Swap the amps but first manually check by hand to make sure the z-axis is free to move up and down. Sometimes a part can get stuck in the gears. Good Luck

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