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Re: Looking for someone who can fix the servo board of CP 4-2

Electronics Forum | Wed Oct 27 10:22:15 EDT 1999 | a.blair

Fuji is usually the cheapest you will find. I think around $750 for them to repair it. the last time I checked they have an exclusive patent on their PCB backplane design so there would not be any real way to bench test it. they also have rights to t


Electronics Forum | Sat Nov 26 02:58:37 EST 2005 | sumxp

It could be the servo pack. We shut down the machine sometimes back and lastly sold it. The servo pack doesn't last long. Anyway,good luck to you.

Fuji IP3 MTU Servo error

Electronics Forum | Tue Feb 11 15:31:10 EST 2020 | sumote

We have not used out tray handler in several years, and when I had a need arise the thing now throws a Servo Error "MTU1 ALARM [11081010]. There are 4 servo packs in the cabinet. When I try to initialize/zero out the machine the 2nd and 4th servo pa

Material Ageing and Storage

Electronics Forum | Thu Feb 22 21:01:12 EST 2001 | davef

We don't do this, but if we had to and lacking better advice, for all components I�d dry pack according to J-STD-033, store in a low temperature and humidity controlled environment [maybe using some semicon fab inert storage cabinets], review the eff

Wave and Reflow Profiler

Electronics Forum | Tue Feb 19 16:19:26 EST 2008 | edatasys

Check out http://www.solderstar.co.uk/wavePro.html This tool measures all key wave solder information with a single pass. Wave/PCB contact, immersion depths, etc. Also has a reflow pack to allow use on reflow, 9 channels with predictive software. B

RNETs and Lead Free

Electronics Forum | Wed May 07 15:36:04 EDT 2008 | llaerum

The 483 is what we use on all boards except on one where the 353 improved wetting on resistor packs. It worked much better since the parts are LF and this is the same flux AIM uses in their LF solder. Yes, it was recommended by AIM when we discussed

Servo Amplifier Alarm on Fuji CP4-3

Electronics Forum | Thu Nov 04 06:46:19 EDT 2010 | adriana

We find the problem on Servo Pack for F theta axis .The component QM20TD-H Mediu power Switching is damaged! Many thanks!

UPS and ROHS Compliance

Electronics Forum | Thu Jun 15 14:42:35 EDT 2006 | Tim Austin

You wrote "The directive does not state anything about generating electricity"; actually it does do exactly that: Equipment, "which is dependent on electric current or electromagnetic fields in order to work properly, and equipment for the GENERATIO

Inventory control and maintenance

Electronics Forum | Thu Feb 26 14:47:19 EST 2015 | superlen

unique mnf/mnf part number. - Be meticulous on maintaining your WO Boms. Train your employees to not circumnavigate keeping the WOBOM accurate to what they kitted/placed on the board. If you keep the one to one part number relationship above this is

SMT Processing and gasketing

Electronics Forum | Tue Nov 11 17:35:08 EST 2008 | davef

SM-840, is a material qualification document only, with all the test requirements applicable only to a defined test coupon, not to production boards. So, it's useless for what you're trying to accomplish. As assemblers use A-610 - Acceptability Of E

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