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cp643e x axis servo interlock

Electronics Forum | Fri Feb 04 01:31:44 EST 2011 | fujiphil

Possible cause is the Middle Loading Sensor. Check the ML flag. Also, this problem occurs when the z-axis base slips. Need to level the base and re-calibrate z-axis origin.

cp643e x axis servo interlock

Electronics Forum | Sat Jan 29 12:01:32 EST 2011 | jts142

hi i am having problems with a cp 643 when i run in auto it errors unloading a board with the x axis servo interlock error but if i hit sequence end stop so that it stops after every board it runs and unloads perfectly. Any hints or suggestions we ha

cp643e x axis servo interlock

Electronics Forum | Tue Feb 01 13:21:34 EST 2011 | cyber_wolf

Try switching to a different board and see if the error goes away. If it does, it has something to do with one of the loader sensors not being made.

servo overflow

Electronics Forum | Thu Jan 20 06:01:23 EST 2005 | mhe

Hi guys, we are facing a problem - d axis servo overflow in our fuji cp-4. Can anyone please suggest some remedy? thanks deepak

Fuji servo IS70B board error codes?

Electronics Forum | Fri Apr 16 17:44:40 EDT 2010 | rodrigo

We're still trying to fix a C-axis overflow error in our CP-65. I was swapping servo boards and one of them started to blinks a 2 on the LED single digit display and the machine didn't boot up. I replaced the servo board with a spare we bought on eba

Juki KE-750 T & Z servo failures

Electronics Forum | Fri Aug 30 15:44:51 EDT 2019 | valentink

I will try outline Theta and Z-axis servo issues, we were facing last time. Story behind. Our 750 is used seldom and last time after switching it on initialization procedure ends with T axis of right head: Servo alarm. Opening front cover of 750 two

QSP2 servo amp

Electronics Forum | Mon Dec 22 04:55:41 EST 2014 | bobpan

Swap the amps but first manually check by hand to make sure the z-axis is free to move up and down. Sometimes a part can get stuck in the gears. Good Luck

Meridian 1020P servo wont start

Electronics Forum | Thu Jun 26 05:07:19 EDT 2014 | bobpan

On the older machines if the z-axis has springs on them sometimes they get weak and when you open the door the z will not stay up. Before closing the door manually push the z up if they are dropping down then enable the motor power. If this is the ca

Fuji IP-2 MTU servo alarm

Electronics Forum | Fri Jul 19 10:45:55 EDT 2013 | kdc45

Have a Fuji IP-2 and the MTU has a servo alarm. There are three servo amp cards and the middle card is showing a 1 on the LED display. Does anyone know what this indicates? Also, can you tell me which axis this card is for? We do not have an advanced

Meridian 1020P servo wont start

Electronics Forum | Wed Jun 25 18:19:49 EDT 2014 | guts1872

During machine run, sometimes when we stop to change parts the servos wont start back up. There is a message on the screen that says "Amplifier is resetting power". When that message clears and push the servo on button nothing happens. There is an er

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