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Fuji CP 642 Communication Cables with Flexa

Electronics Forum | Tue Jul 02 10:34:48 EDT 2019 | dman97

You should be using the diagram on page 4. 9pin to 25 pin. Flexa settings should be set to NT C/C. You have to make sure that the COM settings in windows are set correctly for the USB adapter you are using. Whatever COM port windows assigns to the US

HELP Error EXM-9 with GSM2 4688A

Electronics Forum | Wed Oct 13 15:41:31 EDT 2021 | dilogic

Aside from BIOS settings for the drive, there's another page with EXM settings (that's the interface your EXM-9 board is using). You have to configure it right in order to get the system running. See attached document where settings are explained - r

Reflow Temperatures and speed for a 7 zone top/bot for conceptro

Electronics Forum | Mon Jun 16 14:39:49 EDT 2003 | stepheno

The second one is typical. The important temperature is the temperature of the joint, not the setting of the oven. The oven setting are only important because they determine the temperature of the joint. If you set the oven to 150, that will be th

VIP98N settings

Electronics Forum | Sun Dec 09 03:27:03 EST 2007 | mpolak

can anyone please tell me what setting are they using for they 7 zone ovens? thanks

Label Printers

Electronics Forum | Wed May 14 21:47:03 EDT 2008 | davef

FAQ from Electronic Imaging Materials site: I am using 0.25-inch high labels in sets of six. How do I print this label configuration using BarTender? In BarTender, first ensure you are using the correct printer driver. Go to File Print and make sur

Solder Paste Storage and Control

Electronics Forum | Thu Oct 30 12:38:11 EDT 2008 | davem

Steve, I forgot to put in the original post that the 2 friges are set on the maximum coldness settings.

Setting limits in Solder Paste Inspection

Electronics Forum | Sun May 20 01:37:58 EDT 2012 | vileo72

Hi , Thanks for the link and could understand the limit setting . Regards Vikas

Electrovert econopak boot disk

Electronics Forum | Mon Sep 03 21:49:26 EDT 2018 | aemery

Maybe your CMOS battery is dead! On some of these old system once the battery is drained the CMOS settings are lost, this would include the correct setting for detecting the hard drive and I doubt there is an auto detect . Try turning on the machine

Vision settings for LED - JUKI KE3020

Electronics Forum | Thu Oct 03 13:31:39 EDT 2019 | fundomikey

Thanks for reply. I'll try to check these settings. Greetings

System is too slow, Will memory/speed increase do job?

Electronics Forum | Mon Jul 04 08:13:54 EDT 2005 | Tom B

Setting Speed for Ram is usually in the BIOS set up, Pressing DEL key, or F1, or ESC should bring you into the screen. It will usualy tell you on boot up. Look in there for the setting. Other times its a jumper setting on the motherboard. 7200 & 1

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