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setup verification

Electronics Forum | Sat Apr 30 14:18:30 EDT 2005 | dr. klein

hello. i would like to know which program is recomended for setup verification. i know about 2 options, 1) siemens setup center verification, 2) diplan setup verification. which onw is better?

setup verification

Electronics Forum | Sun May 08 01:16:47 EDT 2005 | Dr . Klein

Any one here using SETUP verification program by siemens?

SMD setup

Electronics Forum | Wed Jul 16 08:07:13 EDT 2014 | emeto

I have seen it all. from OEM that has 12 assemblies and the setup is always on the machine to a 5-6 setups a day in a CM environment with small quantities.

SMD setup

Electronics Forum | Wed Jul 16 03:54:01 EDT 2014 | enfrafer

how much time in average do you spend in set up time? how much % of productive time do you waste in setup? what smd equipment do you have?

job setup

Electronics Forum | Tue Apr 09 10:36:32 EDT 2002 | gregp

I assume there are a variety of people that participate in this forum, i.e. contract manufacturers, OEM's, in a variety of job functions related to the production of surface mount boards. I have read about many concerns regarding the wrong part issu

SMD setup

Electronics Forum | Wed Jul 16 06:54:36 EDT 2014 | alexeis

Hi, The answer is very complex depends on the type of machine, the operator's capabilities and process. There are machines that let you perform the above side then stick carts into the machine and produce. Event such a process is the length of a few

job setup

Electronics Forum | Wed Apr 17 21:59:14 EDT 2002 | dougt

So when you big guys have a reel of parts on one line and your only placing one part per board while on another line you need this reel (last one in the building) to place 30 parts per board, do you steal it and short it on the first line? How is th

SMD setup

Electronics Forum | Wed Jul 23 18:14:46 EDT 2014 | warwolf

We have worked out as a guide formula to help us calculate this. As we have products that range from 5 unique pars to ~300 parts it is tricky to answer clearly. we worked out an average time to change our feeders at 3 minutes (this includes removin

job setup

Electronics Forum | Wed Apr 10 08:39:11 EDT 2002 | Alan W.

Here are some of the problems (and my pet peeves) that can be found during a machine set-up. I have run into each of these many times over the years. Wrong part value: This can usually be traced to a purchasing, incoming inspection, or kitting mist

SMD setup

Electronics Forum | Wed Jul 16 05:16:49 EDT 2014 | spoiltforchoice

This number is going to vary hugely depending on the machine, how you operate and how many feeders you have. Smaller outfits might have a single operative whose job it is to setup, load, run & program the line. Regardless of how changeover focused t

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