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Faster Than Lightning!

May 22, 2019 | If the setup is not huge, I would say get the ASM. They have great setup optimizer. You can have mul

Step by step instructions: How to import prn file and set-up fiducials on pcb (On a My Data My9 SMT machine)

Jan 3, 2019 | Thanks, @tech1 for replying and giving information about how to import prn file and set-up fiducials

Cost Per Placement

Oct 15, 2018 | You see, if you can optimize your product setup that will be the best. Back in the days, engineers u

Looking For Platform Set-up Validation (PSV) for UPS (OS/2) Software

Jan 16, 2018 | Hello All, I am in need for "Platform Set-up Validation" (PSV) for my Universal GSM2 with UPS ver

Looking For Platform Set-up Validation (PSV) for UPS 4.5e (OS/2) Software

Apr 17, 2015 | Hello All, I am in need for "Platform Set-up Validation" (PSV) for my Universal GSM2 with UPS ver

QUESTION: Flexa to Fuji CP65 interface setup

Jan 16, 2014 | Hi, We have developed some tools for preparing SMT setups (programs/placement list). Please read

GSM 2 image not appearing on cameras

Mar 9, 2013 | Machine -> Configuration -> Parameters -> Setup then go to vision setup page, if available. - Dej

Dek 248 Setup - San Jose, CA

Jun 8, 2012 | I am looking for a technician that can setup a Dek 248 in San Jose, CA sometime next week. It just

SMT Parts kitting

Feb 2, 2011 |

how much equipment need for setup a TV Factory ?

Aug 21, 2010 | I want setup a TV factory and need to know how much SMT equipment is need and which model is best an

F4G setup: cannot connect to local socket error?

Feb 12, 2010 | CC is a must. IIS must be installed & setup on windows regards Llew

Vitronics XPM2-1240 vintage 2004 Setup and/or Operation manual

Aug 28, 2009 | Hi, Does anyone have a soft copy of Vitronics XPM2-1240 manual (operation or setup?) or can anyon

VIP 98 Alarm

Dec 13, 2007 | There may not be an exit cell. Some go by timing. But double check your set-up. Make sure you did

Pick & place

Mar 27, 2007 | Right now there is no setup time. We have 5 parts all 1206 that are used in 27 diffrent boards. Our

Wave Soldering Process Restrictions

Feb 21, 2007 | Probably not on the whole job, but maybe the 1-5 boards that were used for setup control. Especiall

Fuji IP3 Head squealing

Dec 20, 2006 |

Quad QSA-30 password

Oct 5, 2006 | Setup>Input Password>scpssa(enter - then do not move the mouse! and then type)>scpfac You cannot


May 25, 2006 | This is a very competitive market segment. We setup 3 of them side by side at the same time on a de

Mydata Users

Apr 26, 2006 | So then to justify the 2400, you will need to calculate the decreased time for setup/changeover and

On-board Dispensing of Dots & Lines

flying probe test services