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Siplace Mounter

Aug 13, 2019 |

Tray table set up on Tray Wagon Mydata MY12

Apr 9, 2019 | If you were able to do a first/last part, then your tray wagon is set-up. You need to go to Tray Typ

DEK Infiniti CUI Error

Feb 11, 2019 |

SMT line alignment

Jan 9, 2019 |

Fuji F4G PC hardware requirements?

Apr 9, 2018 | Hi all, Does anyone know the "preferred" PC setup to install F4G? We have several PCs but it only f

Fuji IP3 Narrow Camera Resolution

Mar 19, 2018 | Acording to the manual the resolution for the narrow camera is 22.5 um/pix but is setup at 45um/pix

Anyone who can help opening this .pcb file and converting it to gerber file?

Oct 10, 2017 | Hi Spoiltforchoice, you are right. I tried to download and setup the PCB Artist as you said. The pcb

Conformal Coating Coupons

Apr 19, 2017 |

Mask Fiducial Problem

Jan 25, 2017 |

Wave soldering defects

Dec 29, 2016 |

SMT programming

Jan 6, 2016 |

Samsung CP20 Password

Aug 14, 2015 |

Optical alignment system

Aug 28, 2014 | One camera is used with typically one of the following prism set-ups: The split prism system, in it

Samsung SM421/F Optimized Feeder List

Apr 16, 2014 | Hi Len, Setup Center doesn't generate .pcb files. It reads those files, displays, exports and pri

inline wash profiler

Feb 18, 2014 | Thanks for the reply. Yes we currently have an Ionagraph setup at the bottom of the wash where we t

Preheater for hand soldering

Mar 25, 2013 | Thats a good one Dave. Sorry to say, but I have seen setups very similar for the mass repair of Pla

DEK 248 squeegee error

Feb 14, 2013 |

YTV-2000 AOI

Jul 28, 2011 | Make sure your system is not in bypass mode (under conveyor setup). Also, the intermittent SMEMA

SpeedPrint SP200e - Help please !

Feb 23, 2011 | When I enter the "Setup Table Contact" menu, then press "Load PCB" the squeegee head should move to

SMT Parts kitting

Feb 1, 2011 |

SMT Taping Machine

Sep 8, 2010 |

O2 analyzer

May 31, 2010 |

AOI systems

Feb 11, 2010 |

Orbotech VT 9300 HD (Need Help)

Nov 4, 2009 | Orbotech VT 9300 HD We are looking for someone who can give us training or help us for setup Orbote


Jun 24, 2009 | Hi, I want to make a small setup for manufacturing PCB's based on SMD's for (pototyping boards, et

GSM software upgrade

May 15, 2009 |


Jul 22, 2008 |

Who Makes Good boards?

Jul 18, 2008 |

Used smt

best reflow oven