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EKRA Serio 4000 Screen Printer

Electronics Forum | Tue Nov 16 16:19:55 EST 2021 | markhoch

Correct. This issue has been resolved. I certainly didn't mean to throw any shade on EKRA's Tech Support. the issue was a glitch in their notification system. Irv was, and always has been fantastic in helping me resolve issues.

Fuji IP3 clamping problem

Electronics Forum | Wed Mar 13 14:17:03 EST 2002 | dougt

Are these sensors the reflective type? Maybe when the board is unclamped and it goes over the sensor it is seen, and then when it is clamped (raised) it is now out of the range the sensor was set for. That should be easy to adjust. A problem I've

SMT line validation if AOI available

Electronics Forum | Wed May 27 18:53:26 EDT 2015 | ldempsey

An AOI is only as good as the templates taught into it. How would you like to build 1000 boards and have them pass your in-line AOI, only to find out later, there was an incorrect reel loaded? A slightly different shade of light brown cap, but st

Re: Dome Fiducials

Electronics Forum | Tue Feb 15 18:03:56 EST 2000 | JAX

Dane, I'll give you a quick guess before I log off; The reason you are seeing problems with dome shaped fiducials is probably because the machines in question do not use grey scale recognition. They asign either black or white( not 256 shades of grey

Looking for video of Formula 1 pitstop

Electronics Forum | Wed Sep 15 05:33:04 EDT 2004 | Rob

Hi, The thing with Formula 1 is that they can afford to throw innumerable bodies at tasks (i.e. 8 people to change 4 tyres, 1 to hold a jack, 1 or 2 to refuel, 1 to hold a stop sign, 1 to hold a fire extinguisher, 1 with a stop watch, and the bloke

Matte Sn Plating

Electronics Forum | Mon Oct 24 17:56:57 EDT 2005 | Ali

Hello all: A couple of queries on matte Sn plating: My Application: 2 Reflows in subassembly reflow+ 8 Hr Steam age+ Solderability (Dip and look) for sub assembly to mother board soldering. Queries on Matte Sn: 1- Different plating vendor

Eyewash Solution solution

Electronics Forum | Tue Mar 07 14:41:42 EST 2006 | bman

"Would you be able to use a piped water eye wash system? That way the water is always fresh." That's what you would think, but I've heard otherwise. If you don't flush them out regularly, the water will sit in the pipes and start coroding them. If

RJ45 Connector short issue after wave

Electronics Forum | Sat Jun 07 04:01:56 EDT 2008 | carmanah

Hi all, Need advice how to fix RJ45 short issue after wave solder m/c .Few actions taken to resolve this issue but the outcome was inclusive which was 1. Modify wave pallet 2. Change conveyor setting from 0.8meter/minute to 0.7 meter/minute 3. Clear

Solder mask

Electronics Forum | Mon Jan 12 01:20:07 EST 2009 | sachu_70

Hi Konrad, I would suggest you include a clear mention of your requirement towards mask color as a "Special Note" in PCB Gerber / PCB drawing, for ready reference by your PCB manufacturing during fabrication. However, slight changes in color shade co


Electronics Forum | Sun Dec 09 00:55:01 EST 2012 | sarason

More than you would think. Hard hat, gloves, eye glasses, face shield when grinding, cutting, All relevent clothing. 35C in the shade. The mistake I made was cleaning the sweat out of my eye with the leather glove. Unfortunately, it was a friday afte

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