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Sheer strength of a BGA assembly

Electronics Forum | Wed May 05 14:01:46 EDT 2010 | leemeyer

Has anyone ever run across a specification for the sheer strength of a soldered BGA assembly. We are looking to qualify a process and would like to have a target number to shoot for. Thanks

Why So Many Repeat Messages?

Electronics Forum | Tue Jul 24 16:47:08 EDT 2001 | davef

Why are there so many repeated postings on SMTnet lately? The sheer volume of double and triple repeats is so great and spread across so many different authors that it's difficult to imagine attributing this problem to the spastics alone.

Cap securing...

Electronics Forum | Mon Oct 31 20:42:54 EST 2005 | davef

We don't think chip mount adhesives have very good sheer strength. If there's any flex induced during vibration, we doubt them to be a good choice.

Epoxy for printing

Electronics Forum | Tue Mar 13 09:17:08 EDT 2012 | davef

Hard plastic, such as polyurethane or Teflon, are fine for printing adhesives, since there isn't as much as a requirement for applying sheer as there is with paste. So, scooping is not as much of a issue.

Broken capacitors

Electronics Forum | Fri Dec 01 07:28:37 EST 2000 | JM Lasserre

I just started an analysis concerning broken capacitors (0603 ceramic). My first question concern the standard used to determine the maximum force a capacitor 0603 can support on a pcb. Some capacitors suppliers use the die sheer test of MIL-STD-883

Reflow Profile Design

Electronics Forum | Sat Jun 16 07:48:09 EDT 2007 | grantp

Hi, We are using emerson gold, and I have not seen any evidence of black pad, as the pads are clean and gold colored when the part comes off. That is what worried me, as I would have thought that if the solder melted correctly, it would have stuck t

Re: unsoldered smt board assy shipping

Electronics Forum | Thu May 18 16:44:44 EDT 2000 | Travis Slaughter

You should be able to do it with the proper epoxy. I found one several years ago that was so strong during the sheer test the board delaminated and gave before the glue. I did not go with it for rework reasons, that�s something you might want to th

Farewell to All!

Electronics Forum | Sat May 20 09:38:55 EDT 2006 | slthomas

"witty and provocative" And that is pretty much the perspective I see all of this guy's posts from. I don't take it seriously for a second. How can you take that author name seriously? And quoting himself is perfect if he's using new usernames for t

PastePuck enclosed paste printing system

Electronics Forum | Thu Mar 20 20:57:44 EDT 2008 | rrpowers

Well, we are in fact doing a no-clean, multi-shift, very high volume, minimal changeover operation. We use up any paste long before it gets old. Because of the sheer volume any reduction in paste scrap for us is big money. We also are in a zero de

Sheer strength of a BGA assembly

Electronics Forum | Thu May 06 11:37:48 EDT 2010 | davef

There is no specification. Shear tests are very material / operator dependent. BALL SHEAR TESTING OF RAW BGA DEVICES: A total of 3 devices were subjected to ball shear testing. Results of the testing indicated shear values in the range of 0.7-1.25

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