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where to buy metal sheets?

Electronics Forum | Thu Oct 04 17:45:10 EDT 2018 | avm

Hello friends, I'm looking for hints where to buy metal/steel sheets for stencil cut. Worldwide. Different quality, thicknesses and surface treatment.Size 23x23, 29x29. I heard there were some good quality metal sheets suppliers in Finland, Japan, M

where to buy metal sheets?

Electronics Forum | Thu Oct 04 17:49:13 EDT 2018 | avm

Just uncut steel. No apertures.

where to buy metal sheets?

Electronics Forum | Thu Oct 11 14:44:35 EDT 2018 | dleeper

Try Datum Alloys: http://www.datumalloys.com/ Insert standard "I receive no benefit nor compensation from the aforementioned company"

where to buy metal sheets?

Electronics Forum | Sat Oct 20 07:19:02 EDT 2018 | jingyiprecision

Hello Friend , How are you ? We are a China factory of metal parts , The process include cutting ,punching ,Machining and etc... ,Could you share more details of your product ? Do you have drawing ? Our engineer will check and advise . Maybe you ca

Sheet Metal

Electronics Forum | Fri Jul 23 15:28:38 EDT 1999 | Steve Schrader

I hope this is not considered "buying", but...we are looking for a good sheet metal vendor on the East Coast. If anyone has any recommendations, please email me at steve@patton.com, thanks. Steve

Metal Sheet

Electronics Forum | Thu Aug 05 11:47:10 EDT 2004 | Andrew

What are the preferred material for metal sheet?What can be done to prevent oxidation?What are the process available at Metal Sheet fabrication company?

Metal Sheet

Electronics Forum | Thu Aug 05 13:16:46 EDT 2004 | cyber_wolf


Metal Sheet

Electronics Forum | Fri Aug 06 07:09:57 EDT 2004 | cyber_wolf

Dull drills.

Re: BGA faults

Electronics Forum | Fri Aug 25 02:15:42 EDT 2000 | SMT Tech

Is it board specific? If so I used a piece of sheet metal between the board and the heaters to correct a similar issues, where a ground plane was absorbing the heat.

Techspray Licron Crystal

Electronics Forum | Mon Oct 26 16:28:31 EDT 2009 | operator

Has anyone used this spray? For what application? How durable is it? Was thinking about using it on sheet metal. Thanks, B

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