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SHIPLEY 3000 (2nd hand)

Electronics Forum | Mon Apr 06 09:47:28 EDT 1998 | Peter Egli

Because of a change in process, we sell a chemical copper deposition plant which is practically as new and in excellent conditions. Contact either the writer by mail or else directly C. Roh at tel +41 21 905 92 92 for more details and possibly a visi

Re: Lead free

Electronics Forum | Thu Jul 20 16:08:08 EDT 2000 | Bob Willis

Yes if we are going to be lead free than lead will have to go. There are alternative plating finishes, Shipley have been doing a lot of work in this area. Also have a look at the NPL web site. Some people say that new crieria is necessary but I thin

Applying Thicker LPI Soldermask

Electronics Forum | Mon Jul 01 20:45:38 EDT 2002 | davef

Solder mask thickness specifications by fabricators are: * Wet mask: 0.0002 ~ 0.0004� on trace * LPI mask: 0.0002 ~ 0.0008� on trace Liquids usually range between 10 to 13 um (0.00039 to 0.00051") when dried. Liquid resist processes I have seen are

Soldermask thickness

Electronics Forum | Wed Oct 01 22:15:36 EDT 2003 | davef

Tough to say. It depends on the type of solder mask, the producer of the solder mask, and your board fabricators' process. As one angle on this, solder mask type affects thickness. Minimum clearance: * Liquid photoimageable: 2 thou * Screened liq

Re: Wetting Balance Equipment

Electronics Forum | Mon Aug 17 02:57:47 EDT 1998 | Bob Willis

| | Looking for Suppliers of surface mount wetting balance equipment. | Bucky: Section 6 of the ANSI/J-STD-002 specification lists wetting balance suppliers. Dave F I like and continue to use the Multicore system. I have had many ours using the sys


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