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Faster Than Lightning!

Apr 30, 2019 | In search of my ultimate chip shooter I need a machine faster than 2 universal instruments lightning

Pick & Place Machine Longevity

Jun 15, 2018 | What about their dual gantry 10 head chip shooter machines? They seem to be going around $50-60k us

Mirae chip shooters

Apr 25, 2011 |

Mirae chip shooters

Apr 24, 2011 | Does anyone of you have heard of Korea-made Mirae chip shooters?Or is there anyone who is using the

Sony SMT

Apr 11, 2011 | Hi all, How about the Sony Chip Shooter in your side? Are they difficult to sell? BTW,who has Son

4791 Placement accuracy

Apr 6, 2010 | No, the accuracy of chip shooter should be always as 3 mils tolerance. If for some reason, the tolra

SMT fuse clips

Apr 24, 2007 |

manufacture symbols

Jan 9, 2007 | one of our chip shooters is dropping a lot of parts, the problem i have is i can not tell which manu

rating smt machine

Jan 8, 2007 |


Jun 23, 2005 |

Double Sided Reflow

Mar 21, 2005 | it's definitively not possible.. printer/chip shooter/pick and place/reflow and printer/chip shoot

MYDATA Myspeed software is total junk

Jan 12, 2005 | Hi, The MYDATA is a very flexible machine, however it's slow as a chip shooter, and really needs

MYDATA Myspeed software is total junk

Jan 12, 2005 | Hi, Actually I meant XP! We have been looking at the XP chip shooter, as it looks fast and reliab

Fuji pam calculator

Aug 12, 2004 | Hi Guys I am looking for a spread sheet to calculate the PAM results for Fuji chip shooters do any o

Pick Up Error

Aug 6, 2004 |

Pick Up Error

Aug 5, 2004 | Pls advise how the part thickness affects the placement for Chip Shooter like CP6.

Optimal Speed for Universal Chip Shooters

Jun 11, 2003 | I am running A Universal Chip shooter 4792 HSP machine. I would like to know the optimum speeds this

normal waste

Apr 10, 2003 | It will vary by placement machine mfg. and type. I had 4x Fuji CP3 (turret chip-shooter) and 2x Fuji

0201 chip placement

Mar 3, 2003 | 0201 chip placement has been very challenging, how can I validate my chip shooter's quality performa

bulk feeding chips

Feb 7, 2003 |

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