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Micro crack for lead free wave solder

Electronics Forum | Tue Aug 02 22:49:55 EDT 2005 | davef

IPC-A-610D Section 5, shows a variety of photographs of: * Good lead-free solder connections * Lead-free soldering anomalies Hot Tear / Shrink Hole is one such anomaly. This shrinkage effect appears primarily on wave-soldered joints, but can also

Big Holes (no Pun intended) in the IPC610D Criteria for Shrink/t

Electronics Forum | Fri Feb 17 13:10:34 EST 2006 | amol_kane

I have Immersion Ag and Immersion Sn LF boards that were waved using SAC305 alloy. I have a lot of tears/shrink voids in the waved connections. I am aware that SAC305 in wave has a propensity of shrink tears/voids due to the non eutectic property of

Re: Fillet Lifting

Electronics Forum | Tue Aug 01 09:42:07 EDT 2000 | Gary

The Technical Services Group at Alpha Metals has spent a fair amount of time looking at wave soldered Pb-free connections. We too have observed fillet tearing, fillet lifting, and pad lifting. I have concluded that without major changes in the mate

Fillet Tearing

Electronics Forum | Thu Mar 23 22:26:53 EST 2006 | Joseph

Dear all, Referring comment from Mr. Jack,IPC director certification & assembly technology, the term "fillet tearing" is too broad. Cracks or fractures in the required fillet area, with SnPb or LF alloy and whether you call it tearing or not, is a D


Electronics Forum | Fri Dec 22 16:04:26 EST 2006 | mika

Hi, This Not so easy as one wuold think. Has the thermal pad of yours vias? How many? What's the via's dia? What is the pcb thickness? If the the pcb has a "ground layer" connected (vias) to the pcb thermal pad, it could sometimes be a little bit tri

Re: DFM / DFT information

Electronics Forum | Thu Jul 13 22:20:38 EDT 2000 | Dave F

=10 mils larger than lead 3 silk screen legend text weight >=10 mils 4 pads >=15 mils larger than finished hole sizes 5 place through hole components on 50 mil grid 6 no silk screen legend text over vias (if vias not solder masked) or holes 7 so


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