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Does anyone run Siplace S15 and F3's anymore?

Electronics Forum | Tue Mar 08 10:23:53 EST 2016 | mnorthey

I am trying to decide how to best dispose of our old running Siemens equipment. I would like to get something for them but I am not sure who needs these older machines I have about 8 available; any ideas guys?

Panasonic vs Siplace which one better?

Electronics Forum | Tue Jul 19 14:20:47 EDT 2016 | pavel_murtishev

Hyng, Could you please specify exact model number for Siemens? Panasonic is famous for quite high field proven stability. Vacuum pumps for placement heads instead of ejectors is standard option for Panasonic, for instance. I would choose them. An

Siemens F5HM, latest software

Electronics Forum | Mon Aug 08 08:32:42 EDT 2016 | emeto

Just get a regular scale(small thin one - like a scale for kitchen). Mount it over a PCB and simulate placement with certain force. Hold the nozzle down for long time in order to register accurate reading from the scale. Then, just change parameters

Siemens Hs50 Y axis cannot find zero pulse

Electronics Forum | Tue Feb 07 20:43:59 EST 2017 | youngbuck

Does anyone know if there is a way around replacing the entire y axis tape measure scale for one scratch in it ,it can't read.Ive changed reader, y axis servo cards, taxis reader card.Any help would be appreciated.Thank you.

Siemens HS180 Vision System placing compinents with PCB

Electronics Forum | Wed Jan 17 07:08:50 EST 2018 | emeto

Yeah, your machines are probably even older generation. I can tell you that what you can see is always more clear than what the machine can see(worked with 10 brands and probably 30 models). If you don't have good lighting and camera, some parts jus

Pick & Place Machine Life Cycle

Electronics Forum | Thu Jun 07 17:17:58 EDT 2018 | emeto

If you are a good mechanic they are all Toyotas. Pick one that has at least free phone support. Take all the necessary training or include them in your machine deal. I had UIC, Juki, Fuji, Siemens, Mydata ....and some other European brands. All of t

SIEMENS S20 Y axis - correct zero pulse not found

Electronics Forum | Mon Jan 28 13:40:53 EST 2019 | liquidspacie

Hello, I'm trying to fix this error and what I've done so far I cleaned (no scratches) measuring scale and swapped cards (gantry 1 & 2) and cleaned scale reader sensor. There are no spare parts, I'm just trding to narrow down the cause. Any suggestio

Siemens SIPLACE CF - Low vacuum on head

Electronics Forum | Fri Feb 01 11:17:21 EST 2019 | youngbuck

Hi, Make sure to check any cracked, pinched, kinked hoses. Also when taking the whole gantry off there are clear hoses that can get pinched. Also, may want to changed the vaccum measuring board. Is this a S20 or F4,f5 or hs50 Thanks,

Siemens Siplace 80S15 causing Line Controller to hang up, and 80S15 keeps waiting for machine data from Line controller

Electronics Forum | Mon Mar 09 16:28:48 EDT 2020 | sportsradar

Hello Sarason, Unfortunately the machine is no longer supported and we are such a small company we can not afford to replace this machine. Thank you for your advise, I will check for additional parts stuck in the machine (long shot but worth the time

Siemens Siplace 80S15 causing Line Controller to hang up, and 80S15 keeps waiting for machine data from Line controller

Electronics Forum | Mon Mar 09 16:30:42 EDT 2020 | sportsradar

We have the software and our PC has been running the machine for approx 10 years. I just don't know why all of a sudden it decided to have this problem. :( Also I have the software if you think I can reinstall from the diskettes. Will check, and ag

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