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mirae pick and place machine

Electronics Forum | Fri Apr 11 16:11:32 EDT 2003 | stefwitt

The question new or used was discussed several times. If you start fresh and have no experience with one or the other machine vendor, I would get a new machine, whose supplier has a service tech in driving distance. If you select the used machine pa

Looking for a new pick & place machine

Electronics Forum | Mon Mar 31 14:52:02 EDT 2014 | jax

Both Manufacturers and Machine Types are a good choice... Why just these two Manufacturers? Depending on your needs (Changeover times, Board Size, Part Size, Part Counts, Odd Form requirements, CPH requirements, and the list goes on), there might be

Looking for a new pick & place machine

Electronics Forum | Thu Mar 27 08:23:37 EDT 2014 | emeto

Hello, we have several generation of Siemens machines and one of our lines is ASM SX1 series. Machine is very accurate and reliable as a hardware, but in my opinion the software is their biggest advantage. Software is very powerful and can do things

Mydata Pick and place

Electronics Forum | Thu Aug 30 15:31:17 EDT 2001 | Eric123

I recommend the Mydata if you want to reduce your stress. I am using Siemens at a new company today. It reminds me of my Quad days, once you get it running it works well but the getting there drives you nuts. Siemens is not up there in the user frein

Pick and place pickle

Electronics Forum | Thu Jun 26 09:56:37 EDT 2008 | gabriella

hello Zonker cheaper versions tws essemtec ivastech heeb fridge autotronik more expensive: mydata siemens juki uic GSM europlacer ipulse assemblion I will definitely miss some, but at least is some place to start.

Pick & place

Electronics Forum | Tue Mar 27 10:33:55 EDT 2007 | dphilbrick

High mix low volume I would say Mydata would be a good choice, If set up time isn't a big factor I would choose Siemens F4 for reliably, serviceability and OEM support.

Re: obective comparison between siplace and fuji pick and place equipment

Electronics Forum | Sat Oct 10 09:01:46 EDT 1998 | Al Carrillo

| we currently have a siplace line(80s/f) and are inhereting a fuji line from another site. I need an objective comparison between the two. What are the strengths and weaknesses of the fuji with regard to programming, operating and maintenance. any c

Mydata Pick and place

Electronics Forum | Tue Aug 28 12:35:38 EDT 2001 | seand

Hello Paul, Without all of the specific details of your product I would recommend providing the BOMs and samples to a couple of vendors and have them prove their capabilities. The Siplace platform is a solid platform for your application and the ap

Pick and place pickle

Electronics Forum | Fri Jun 20 01:12:50 EDT 2008 | chrispy1963

Look into a used Siemens F-4 or F-5. These machines can be had for a reasonable cost, they are easy to maintain, the footprint is small (7' X 7.5') and they are simple to program. These machines have a 12 nozzle "Star" revolving placement head for

Mydata Pick and place

Electronics Forum | Wed May 09 12:07:52 EDT 2001 | caldon

My personal favorite is the Siemens F series and the UIC GSM platform. Both Siemens and UIC have awesome resources for csp, flipchip and baredie processing - Siemens= Dan Baldwin from GaTech; UIC = George Westby from UIC labs. My second choice would

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