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siemens HS60 & F5HM

Electronics Forum | Wed Apr 07 10:35:28 EDT 2021 | micropak

What problem you are facing with F5 ?

siemens HS60 & F5HM

Electronics Forum | Sat Apr 03 07:33:46 EDT 2021 | nima

Hi have a good time i have siemens machine HS60 & F5HM both of them have problem HS60 has 24v contactor problem and F5HM has z-axis problem can you help me to repair it if you can, i will explain more about problems whit photo and video

siemens HS60 & F5HM

Electronics Forum | Thu Apr 08 09:54:39 EDT 2021 | cosimaliu

hi iam cosima we have engineer if ok,please send me video showing the problem i may help you to slove it cosima@qy-smt.com

BGA using Siemens HS180

Electronics Forum | mrpsilva |

Fri Dec 07 04:37:49 EST 2001


Electronics Forum | Thu Jun 26 22:26:49 EDT 2008 | haiping

siemens s20 siemens hs50

looking for the manual of Siemens HS180,SP120 and line computer

Electronics Forum | Sun Dec 11 09:14:45 EST 2005 | andrew1007

Dear sir, I am a SMT engineer from China. I have diffculty in programming and maintenance of Siemens HS180,SP120.Can u send me some manual for the type of SMT machine.Thank you very much. my e-mail box is andrew1007@hotmail.com Regards!

Siemens HS-180 Windows software

Electronics Forum | Mon Nov 11 04:06:49 EST 2019 | aktagorprom

Please, help to find software to run HS-180 using HP362 or, which would be ideal, Windows software for HS-180.

Problem with Siemens HS180

Electronics Forum | Wed Nov 12 18:19:17 EST 2003 | Libor Kavan

Hallo, I bought placer Siemens HS180 and I have a problem, it doesn't work :-( When software in HS180's computer starts, computer displays some error of BASIC interpreter. Line computer is OK. I haven't any documentation,so I don't know what error nu


Electronics Forum | Tue Oct 20 08:58:27 EDT 2009 | soudomphong

m/c error 3564 raceway monitoring triggered-gantry 3. In the help menu it says topic does not existed. Anybody has any idea what this error code mean? This is siemens hs60.

Problem with Siemens HS180

Electronics Forum | Wed Nov 12 19:45:33 EST 2003 | juan_ruiz

Siemens has a web site where you may have a better answer to your question. www.siplace.com Regards!

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