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Siemens HF/3 Support

Electronics Forum | Thu Jan 03 09:12:55 EST 2019 | kb2019

Does anyone know of a contractor who will support a Siemens HF/3 machine? Siemens know longer supports the machine as of Jan. 1, 2019.


Electronics Forum | Wed Oct 12 17:01:28 EDT 2005 | Jack

Siemens HF, HF/3 can handle up to 22" wide x 24" long

Component not at nozzle before placement-0402 components

Electronics Forum | Wed Dec 12 15:00:43 EST 2007 | mefunak

Hi,everybody! There is an interesting things happened with the 0402 components- machine Siemens HF3,it's an Emergency Stop error message " Component not at nozzle before placement" and there is a chance to find an extra components lying in a mess on

Conformal Coating Coupons

Electronics Forum | Mon May 08 10:10:27 EDT 2017 | dontfeedphils

For anyone looking this up in the future, I ended up settling on part number "A-2-3.5", an aluminum, smooth finish coupon, 0.025" thick x 2" x 3.5".

Why 50 mils in 0805 package instead of 40 mils.

Electronics Forum | Fri Oct 03 09:00:18 EDT 2003 | davef

EIA standard packages have a variety of L/W proportions. EIA||Dimension mm (LXW)||Proportion (L/W) 0201||0.6X0.3||2 0202||0.5X0.5||1 0303||0.8X0.8||1 0402||1.0X0.5||2 0504||1.25X1.0||1.25 ||1.4X1.4||1 0603||1.6X0.8||2 0805||2.0X1.25||1.6 1111||2.8X2

paper vs emboss (& zig zag placement)

Electronics Forum | Mon Nov 19 05:16:02 EST 2012 | ericrr

Thank you ENIAC for your comments Here is another problem (JUKI KE-750L) Which applies to 0603 (1608 metric) resistors and only resistors (mind you the board is more heavily populated with resistors) After the panel has gone through the oven, Wh

Siplace X2 inkspot

Electronics Forum | Sat Dec 03 05:59:42 EST 2016 | sophyluo1985

Hello Peter, I'm sorry for that i can't solve the problem of your machine. But we can supply spare parts for Siemens/Siplace X feeders. Please kindly let us know if you need. Thanks a lot. Sophy Please note our websit http://feedersupplier.com/Catego

Solder Printing 2x2 inch ceramic Substrate

Electronics Forum | Thu Feb 15 16:58:11 EST 2007 | flipit

Phil, I used to print solder paste on 2" X 2" and 3" X 3" 96% Alumina substrates all the time. I used standard solder printers and stencils. Screens are difficult to use and don't print well. You can use a stencil on a DeHart, CW Price, or AMI Pr

Indium No-clean and Inert Reflow oven (N2)

Electronics Forum | Thu Aug 01 13:04:57 EDT 2002 | gdstanton

Its interesting. It appears I'm getting conflicting feeback from Indium. This says its not a problem... http://indium.custhelp.com/cgi-bin/indium.cfg/php/enduser/std_adp.php?p_sid=kTDKGClg&p_lva=&p_faqid=355&p_created=1014734692&p_sp=cF9ncmlkc29


Electronics Forum | Tue Oct 05 02:24:58 EDT 2004 | darby

What config are you replacing? ie 1 machine, 2 x 3machine lines, 1 x 2 machine line etc. What do you want to place with it? I can't comment on the Contact machines having never used one. On Samsungs I will say this. For your own benefit consider the

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