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Lead-free solder

Electronics Forum | Thu Apr 15 15:54:13 EDT 2004 | pjc

You ned to speak with an apps engineer from a paste supplier that can go through their alloys. I know Indium has such alloys. Any vendor should be able to supply you a list of alloys avbl in NC paste with their liquidous points.

Lead-free solder

Electronics Forum | Wed Apr 14 20:24:48 EDT 2004 | Ken

What do you mean the solder must "survive" 260C? What is your target temperature? Is it dictated by a component, the substrate or the solder alloy? Do you require a eutectic alloy? If not, the selection of alloys grows. (these are from memory...n

solder crack

Electronics Forum | Mon Jul 01 15:37:56 EDT 2002 | pjc

Possible cause can be design related- if the solder land is too small. Check w/ IPC SM-782 Solder Land Design Guide Another is board finish. I have seen problems like this with Gold finished PWBs- which creates a more brittle solder joint.Another pos

Lead-free solder

Electronics Forum | Thu Apr 15 20:48:57 EDT 2004 | Ken

Tin antimony mp = 236-240C 80Au / 20SN mp = 280C sn25 Ag10 sb = 365C There are very few high temperature service alloys. how about filling a 1400lb pot with 80% Gold! What is the application?

Lead-free solder alloy: SN100C from AIM solder

Electronics Forum | Wed Jun 29 17:35:46 EDT 2005 | Hiram

Hi all, Does anybody have any comments on the lead-free alloy SN100C from AIM solder? I am in the process of selecting the "right alloy" for our lead-free wave solder machine. We manufacture A/V equipment. I appreciate your feedback as usual. Hir

Lead-free solder alloy: SN100C from AIM solder

Electronics Forum | Thu Jun 30 13:42:55 EDT 2005 | Hiram

Thank you all for the information... Hiram

Lead-free solder alloy: SN100C from AIM solder

Electronics Forum | Wed Jun 29 18:25:12 EDT 2005 | gamma

SN100C (the manufacturer company is Nihon Superior) it is sold by two companies in USA AIM and Krayden, we are still in the process of evaluation for lead-free, this alloy is mostly use in Europe and Asia. You can find more information in this link

No solder and solder bridge after Wave solder machine

Electronics Forum | Thu Nov 17 13:13:49 EST 2005 | Mike

Hello, Some questions.... Are you running lead free? What alloy? What�s your pot temp at? Temp of the board after preheat? Are you getting any solder in the barrels (

Lead-free solder alloy:

Electronics Forum | Fri Jul 15 13:36:07 EDT 2005 | Brian

If you do SMT with an SAC alloy, and the Wave Solder with SN100C, what is the impact of accidentally reworking the through hole parts with an SAC alloy wire solder? Or reworking the SAC alloy with an SN100C wire solder? Brian

Lead-free solder alloy: SN100C from AIM solder

Electronics Forum | Wed Jun 29 17:58:12 EDT 2005 | GS

Hello, in Europe (SN100C sold by Balver Zinn) several solder pots have been filled by this alloy. On the paper I heard talking very well in terms of performance and good price, but not data are available ( as I know) about performance and if r

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