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imm. silver

Electronics Forum | Fri Aug 30 16:25:21 EDT 2002 | davef

Imm silver holds-up to multiple thermal cycles very well. The things, we guess, are happening to make imm silver tough to solder after heating and sitting are: * Oxidation of the silver. * Reduction of the co-deposited organic anti-tarnish [used in

Immersion silver life span

Electronics Forum | Wed Apr 13 05:48:52 EDT 2005 | charly

hi' i need advise on immersion silver PCb shelf life. 1) what is the shelf life for Immersion silver PCB? 2) iF PCB expire, can we bake the immersion PCB? what temp & duration? 3) How long can we keep the pCB again after rebaking? (with vacuum seal)

Immersion silver life span

Electronics Forum | Thu Apr 14 06:00:01 EDT 2005 | bryan

The shelf life of immersion silver is 6 to 12 months in good storage conditions. The finish is usually coated with a protective layer that inhibits oxidation (like with copper OSP). Care must be taken when handling the boards as the protective la

Palladium silver surface finish

Electronics Forum | Thu Aug 12 18:06:09 EDT 2004 | SR

May I ask what component types you are using and who the suppliers are? FYI - If the components have exceeded their shelf life, they may have oxidized too much for soldering using low activity fluxes. Thanks and best regards, SR

Re: silver finishes on pcbs

Electronics Forum | Thu Dec 14 10:14:04 EST 2000 | PeteB

Jacqueline, Asuming you mean immersion silver: Advantages - Very flat finish compared to HASL, more easily solderable than bare copper with OSP and more process tolerant than this in our experience, reasonable shelf life, cheaper than immersion gol

RoHS solders and silver termination inks

Electronics Forum | Tue Aug 30 09:24:08 EDT 2005 | Slaine

we manufacture a range of ceramic parts that have silver termination,there is already a small leaching problem (absorption of the termination by the solder in liquid form)with Sn62 that we live with, having to implement unleaded solder they are norma

RoHS solders and silver termination inks

Electronics Forum | Tue Aug 30 12:49:59 EDT 2005 | Ted

Slaine, We use a Pd/Ag thickfilm paste. Because of the leaching we had to start using solder pastes that have silver in it. For RoHS, we are using a solder paste with an alloy of Sn95/Ag05. We also have to double print the thickfilm pastes. I h

Component Terminals with silver plating

Electronics Forum | Thu Apr 20 17:16:02 EDT 2006 | GS

Silver tarnish on lead could compromise the soldering, mainly in case of No Clean process. Make sure components are correctly packaged and stored. Check the vintage ( Manufacturing Data Code) and in order to avoid them to get old on shelf make sure F

PCB with ENIG plating shelf life?

Electronics Forum | Sat Nov 12 12:11:22 EST 2022 | micropak

Thank you Stephen... I also mistaken it with Immersion Silver.

CuOSP and IMM Silver versus HASL

Electronics Forum | Thu Aug 31 12:17:56 EDT 2000 | mike weekes

We are considering alternative Board Finishes to our existing HASL process. The HASL effects opens on 25 and 20 mil packages after reflow and we know if the advantages of CuOSP and other alternatives. OUR Concern: Is there a shelf life and handlin

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