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Heat sinks re:reflow pad design

Electronics Forum | Wed Nov 10 02:20:07 EST 1999 | Marc

The padsfor large heat sinks are being designed on our boards with large copper ground planes surrounding them by our engineers. I am having great difficulty keeping the reflow temperature below 230 degrees in order for the temperature of the copper

Need board vendor that can powder coat integrated heat sinks

Electronics Forum | Fri Jan 08 15:56:37 EST 2016 | deanm

We received a contract job that requires a board with a heat sink integrated (glued onto the top layer) and the heat sink needs to be powder coated. So I need a board vendor that can provide: Multilayer board fab, Heat sink fabrication, Powder coat t

Need board vendor that can powder coat integrated heat sinks

Electronics Forum | Mon Jan 11 13:13:16 EST 2016 | rdubya71

Contact Randy Langston at sbcinc.com or email me and I can get you in touch with him.

Need board vendor that can powder coat integrated heat sinks

Electronics Forum | Fri Jan 08 16:08:38 EST 2016 | hegemon

That might be tough. Board houses typically stick to boards. You might find a board house that already works with a vendor that can supply Powder coated heatsinks, and the Board House might integrate for you, but it doesn't sound like one stop sh

Need board vendor that can powder coat integrated heat sinks

Electronics Forum | Mon Jan 11 08:46:51 EST 2016 | deanm

Yes, I agree that finding a vendor that can do fabrication plus the metalwork may be difficult. I am open to those board vendors who have relationships with others who can do the metal for them and then ship the final product to us. There must be so

Stencil sink stink

Electronics Forum | Mon Mar 21 08:25:11 EST 2005 | cyber_wolf

No it's not a dry or defective trap. The exit line of the stencil sink is piped into a regular slop sink. There are no sewer gas smells coming out of the slop sink trap.

BGA Heat Sinks

Electronics Forum | Thu Jun 17 17:04:43 EDT 1999 | Doug Batten

Does anyone have experience with placing heat sinks on BGAs? I have limited experience with PSA (pressure sensitive adhesives)heat sinks, and am interested with the possibility of a clip-on device. I am specifically concerned with ease of assembly

Heat Sinks

Electronics Forum | Mon Dec 18 09:42:44 EST 2000 | floydl

When designing high performance circuit boards are there methods that can be used to improve thermal conductivity without using heat sinks? Can boards be designed in a way that reduces or eliminates the need for sinks?

Re: Altera PQFP240 Solderability

Electronics Forum | Tue Apr 14 10:21:11 EDT 1998 | EFData

| Does that part still have a heat sink built into it or is it the plastic package? | Justin Originally, we also thought the heat sink may be causing problems, so we conducted tests on both the plastic package and heat sink versions. Nothing conclusi

Heat sinking delicate leaded parts

Electronics Forum | Tue Feb 15 19:54:48 EST 2000 | Clarissa Ortner

I am supposed to heatsink a Temp sensor with leads .9-1.1mm(.035--43"). I have found on our engineering units that the smallest heat sink I have found commercially is still too heavy for the leads and unless the operators use exxxxtreme care the wei

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