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Nov 28, 2019 | Hello! I worked with Fujis, Jukis, Universal, Yamaha (plus with old Panasonic and Siplace). GC-60D i

Is DEK USA gone

May 22, 2019 |

Faster Than Lightning!

Apr 30, 2019 |

Faster Than Lightning!

Apr 30, 2019 |

SMT programming

Jan 23, 2016 |

Reel splicing

Jul 16, 2014 |

OIS password

Jun 25, 2014 | Hi Everyone, I bought a used, good condition Siplace 80 S20 P&P machine. The last owner can't rem

Looking for a new pick & place machine

Mar 28, 2014 | Hi and thank you for your answer! I created a new thread called SIPLACE SX1 vs FUJI AIMEX II where w

What machine would you buy?

Jan 14, 2011 | in my opinion - Fuji - the best choice. Assembleon and Siplace torment you with their software) Th

What machine would you buy?

Jan 14, 2011 | Hello! We are looking for new SMD-machines. We can choose between Fuji, Assembléon and Siplace. W

SMD Tape Extenders - Are they all rubbish?

Dec 21, 2010 | Hi Gary. I have the same problem on my Siplace feeders, and have tried different products like yo

HS60 component camera

Sep 30, 2010 | Hi, We deal with Siemens Siplace parts and we have some cameras on stock. Please let us know if y

Reject Rate

Oct 19, 2009 | Hi! I would like to read some experience about the reject rate. We have a Siplace X4 and we mesaure

problem in solderability

Sep 2, 2008 |

Cutter motor

Feb 15, 2008 | Anybody have any idea where to get the cutter motor for siplace 80-S20 with reasonable price? I am a

Siemens waffle pack Changer problems _ Help Please!!

Jan 12, 2008 | The Siplace Desktop has a special initial offsets for waffles, look in Settings/Global

Siemens waffle pack Changer problems _ Help Please!!

Jan 9, 2008 | We recently acquired a Siemens Siplace F3 and a S15 machine, and I am having a few problems with the

Feeder Communication

Nov 29, 2007 |

Pick & Place Platforms

Oct 4, 2007 |

Double Sided Tape - Is That The Best?

Aug 1, 2007 | We have Siemens Siplace Pro software for our Siemens equipment that allows you to overlay the solder

Siemens OIS Software

Mar 23, 2007 | I am wondering if anyone has experience using Siemens SiplacePro OIS software for machine data? I

I have a problem in my HS50...

Oct 26, 2006 | I'm having a eletrical problem in my SIPLACE HS50. all the servo boards are off, when i measure the

SMT p&p new line

Jul 20, 2006 | Mydata are OK, but they will not last as long as the Siplace if running the same volume. They are e

SMT p&p new line

Jul 19, 2006 |

De reeling ICs

May 8, 2006 | We currently use Siplace P & P machines and in the main prefer to pick SOIC ICs from stick vibratory

pick'n'place selection

May 5, 2006 |

Floor space for Siemens Machine

Feb 6, 2006 | Thanks for the dimensions. I did try earlier and got video and nice sales material, but

Floor space for Siemens Machine

Feb 5, 2006 | Go to and you should be able to find it there or call 1-800-SMT-HELP and a tech. will ha

Low Cost P&P

Aug 11, 2005 |

Pick and Place turret Images

Jul 11, 2005 | I need a good digital photo or two of the turret of a Siplace (or equiv) style SMD pick and place he

smt scrap reduction

Jun 15, 2005 |

smt scrap reduction

Jun 15, 2005 | Siemens has an excellent reporting system. If you are running on Siplace Pro you can easily export

X/Y & Turrets

May 31, 2005 | Just seen the new Siplace X platform with new "20 segment collect & place head". Am I getting old &

Recomendations? Fuji CP7 or Univ HSP4797?

Jun 13, 2004 | hi there no more turret machine recom. pls go to modular type smaller & faster. Siplace recommend

SMEMA compatability

Mar 31, 2004 |

Problem with Siemens HS180

Nov 13, 2003 | The Siplace web-site will not help you very much, because the HS 180 does not belong to the Siplace

Problem with Siemens HS180

Nov 12, 2003 | Siemens has a web site where you may have a better answer to your question. Regard

Siemens 0402 placement

Oct 29, 2003 |

Silly Attrition Levels

Apr 30, 2003 |

Fiducial Shapes---

Dec 13, 2002 |

Siemens line computer

Mar 12, 2002 | Shoot a note to Stefan at Check out his manual Siplace for dummies

Recomandation for purchase of SMT lines

Jan 9, 2002 | For Pick & Place machines you have Siemens Machines, visit - They are good

Panasonic CM402, CM602, DT401

best reflow oven