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Dek 265

Electronics Forum | Thu Nov 03 18:20:15 EST 2005 | JG

Dek 265 GS Problem: Machine abruptly turns off. It can be in the middle of a stroke or just sitting idle. After the machine turns off we have to let it sit for a few minutes (sometimes 20) in order for it to restart. Any suggestions? Thanks in adv

BGA solder bridge - Adding Pictures

Electronics Forum | Fri Mar 04 00:46:36 EST 2011 | kemasta

Hi ScottE "Is this ball sitting on a via?" I am not sure is I answered your question correct, the ball is sit on the pad.

How long can solder sit on panel

Electronics Forum | Wed Aug 09 10:51:22 EDT 2017 | cbeneat

I have a question for the experts. After a panel is printed, how long is too long for the panel to sit prior to reflow? I understand each paste will be different, wondering if there is a general rule of thumb?

How long can solder sit on panel

Electronics Forum | Thu Aug 10 11:32:34 EDT 2017 | dleeper

You could always take a scrap board, paste it, and let it sit out over night. Reflow it and then you should have a nice visual aid, covered in solder balls and grainy, irregularly shaped solder mounds.

How long can you leave paste - update

Electronics Forum | Mon Apr 02 09:42:51 EDT 2007 | chrissieneale

Quick question for anyone - With this whole pasting and waiting thing - i've found out that the board is pasted, it sits around for a bit, then the components get placed on it. Then i thought it went into the oven BUT, it doesn't. It sits for a few

To clean or not to Clean??

Electronics Forum | Sat May 29 16:04:49 EDT 1999 | M Cox

I have always thought it to be a good practice to wash SMA's with water soluble paste (WS609) soon after reflow. Is there a time limit as to how long a board should sit after reflow before washing said board? For instance; processing a double-sided

Resistor height

Electronics Forum | Wed May 09 13:37:07 EDT 2007 | jmills

Greetings Tried to search past threads without an answer. I have a resistor that just fits the between pads. Some of the resisitor were installed without the termnation sitting on the pad and are infact sitting on solder a good .020 to .025 above th

Sponge Control

Electronics Forum | Mon Jul 23 11:48:45 EDT 2001 | jseagle

I hate this system, it just sits there and times out and you don't know if your message posts.

Leadfree assembly

Electronics Forum | Wed Apr 11 12:37:08 EDT 2007 | Jimmy T Couples - God of Manufacturing - PERIOD

You think you're uncomfortable now - wait till you're sitting in a jail cell. Word!

GSM Zeroing problem

Electronics Forum | Thu Jul 09 13:13:01 EDT 2015 | horchak

Is the y axis sitting on the out of limit switch by chance

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