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board size

Electronics Forum | Fri Mar 27 06:16:24 EST 1998 | mancheol,seo

Hello everyone~! I wonder becasuse of stencil board size. My component dimension is 200 x 200mm What the board size I choose? Please let me know solution... best regards man from korea

glue size

Electronics Forum | Thu Dec 28 22:39:49 EST 2006 | i want to learn from u

i just thought that it because of difference thickness between the silkscreen and without silkscreen. if we apply the same pressure and dispense time to this two difference location, the glue size will be difference. location with silkscreen will rea

glue size

Electronics Forum | Wed Dec 27 23:04:10 EST 2006 | i want to learn from u

Most of pcb have white/black printing at bottom side of them to indicate the chip location. Normally, this printing are the same location to the place that glue will be mount. My problem are the glue size between the point that have printing and not

pads size

Electronics Forum | Mon Apr 05 14:57:59 EDT 1999 | Alvaro Carrillo

Hi, Somebody know how to calculate the size of pads for different IC's: QFP's, SOIC, SOJ, etc. any help is apreciated. thanks AC

Tray size

Electronics Forum | Fri Apr 12 11:23:12 EDT 2002 | cabjerk

Hi All; Is there any web site or resource where to get the correct sizes of trays based on any industary standards? Our kit pull has many trays to choose from they don't always get the correct one. The part then comes to the floor and the Fuji pgm

Tray size

Electronics Forum | Fri Apr 12 16:08:51 EDT 2002 | pjc

JEDEC is the std. Go to http://www.jedec.org

glue size

Electronics Forum | Thu Dec 28 12:19:20 EST 2006 | slthomas

So I'm the only one that's had crappy piles of silkscreen between pads?

Land size

Electronics Forum | Thu Jul 10 07:48:40 EDT 2008 | realchunks

Try IPC SM 782. Also most parts manufacturers should be able to provide you a pad design.

Land size

Electronics Forum | Mon Jul 07 11:46:29 EDT 2008 | aj

Hi All, Can anyone advise the spec for land size of a lead 0.2mm in width? I am placing a TQFP128 0.4mm pitch, the leads seem to be wider than the actual pads they are been placed on? I am also experiencing poor wetting on this part , it has NiPdAU

Nozzle size

Electronics Forum | Thu Sep 12 15:14:52 EDT 2002 | stepheno

What type of machine are you using? We have a panasonic MPA placing LED's. I would have to check which nozzle we are using. Despite the odd shape we don't have problems with them. And don't forget that parts can shift in the oven. Usually for the

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