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Screen Printer

Electronics Forum | Wed Jun 20 03:12:53 EDT 2012 | eniac

Only SJ Inno Tech :) http://www.sjinnotech.com/home_eng/eproduct/esmt/pageView.ubs?fmenuid=esmt0101&pageNum=2⊂Num=1 We use 4 printers of SJ Inno Tech and don't have any problems with quality of printing and with quality of equipment. I was on their

Line configuration

Electronics Forum | Thu Dec 27 09:29:16 EST 2012 | eniac

SJ Inno Tech have a few models of screen printers with two stencils and two conveyors, for example, HP-350MD.

screen printer

Electronics Forum | Mon Apr 20 05:21:36 EDT 2015 | eniac

Look at the SJ Inno Tech equipment. Great machines with in-built 2D or 3D SPI. I have 5 printers under my control, first machine was installed in June 2008 - and I haven't any headache with it.

Is anyone running 36in or larger boards thru SMT?

Electronics Forum | Mon Dec 21 10:49:01 EST 2015 | kahrpr

SJ Inno Tech comes to mind also I think Samsung sells the large board printers. you will have to check with them

SMT Stencil Printer Recommendations

Electronics Forum | Mon Apr 09 06:39:50 EDT 2012 | eniac

Last 4 years I work with printer by SJ Inno Tech, model HH-520. This model have all what you want - fully automatic alignment, 2D inspection, many different pins for PCB fixing - and no any problems during this 4 years. P.S. Sorry for my English, I'

MY100 or Samsung421 & MY500 or DEC Horizon03 ???

Electronics Forum | Mon Oct 18 08:02:35 EDT 2010 | marusha

Hello, colleagues! Please help make a choice! (MY500 + MYDATA MY100 + Heller Mk1707) or (Dec Horizon03 + Samsung 421 + Essemtec RO400FC-C) or very cheap Korean equipment (Sj InnoTech; HP-520 + Mirrae Mx350P + TSM; A70-i71). The volume of required c

stencil/printing machines for solder paste

Electronics Forum | Fri Feb 13 03:01:57 EST 2015 | eniac

Yes, Kester it's a very good brand in solder materials. I use Kester solder paste and cored wire 10 years - and I naven't any problems. About screen printers - check information about SJ Inno Tech equipment. This is South Korea brand, I have a 4 pri


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