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Skewing of parts

Electronics Forum | Fri Jul 23 09:31:52 EDT 2004 | cyber_wolf

Make sure that your mesh conveyor drive chain is not jumping a sprocket tooth. This will cause the conveyor to "pop" and you will have skewed parts. I seriously doubt that it is your profile causing skew. It is more than likely something mechanical.

Local fiducials

Electronics Forum | Wed Oct 20 11:15:23 EDT 2010 | jax

Circuit and Local Fiducials are all the same. The difference is the amount of "Stretch and Skew" that is accounted for. Local fiducials apply "Stretch and Skew" to a single placement or area of the circuit, depending on Equipment used. Circuit fiduci

How to identify any Vibration Source in Reflow Oven

Electronics Forum | Sat Feb 20 20:24:40 EST 2021 | sync40

Hello Ameen, It is needed a moderate impact bump to generate skew. Even blowing of the fans generally cannot generate serious skew -unless the pads apertures are not suitable for the components size/weight. You can try for yourself. Take a board wi

Skewed components

Electronics Forum | Wed Apr 25 16:35:55 EDT 2001 | Steve

Most of the time, we have very few skewed parts so I feel comfortable about the processes in general. However once in a while, often enough to throw off the first pass yield, we will get a few boards with a lot of skewed parts. By skewed I mean that

Skewed components

Electronics Forum | Tue Apr 24 12:56:39 EDT 2001 | Steve

We are experiencing a fair amount of skewed components, mostly 0805 resistors and capacitors, during the reflow process. We have pretty much ruled out the pick-n-place and have determined that it may be happening because of variables at the paste scr

Re: vibration during solder reflow

Electronics Forum | Sun May 23 10:14:14 EDT 1999 | M Cox

Has anyone had any experience or data using vibration during the reflow process. We introduced a vibration device attached to the fixed rail on a Vitronics reflow oven. The reason was to prevent skewing on large PLCC devices. The process worked v

Skewed transistors

Electronics Forum | Sun Apr 20 08:27:21 EDT 2003 | davef

Your link doesn�t work. It gives an application timed out message. Pads on the board that are too large or spaced improperly for the component usually cause skewing. Tombstoning and skewing are first cousins. Look here: http://www.smtinfocus.com

Skewed and popped components

Electronics Forum | Tue Sep 23 23:19:34 EDT 2003 | RLW

If you have a board that you've run several times, now you run it and like before all settings are the same, but now you have 0603's randomly skewed or an inch or so away from their intended pad (as if popped up in the air), or an occasional 7343 cap

Re: Skewing chip components

Electronics Forum | Fri Jun 23 11:49:29 EDT 2000 | Big H

Is it just like that "smart" golf ball - where you tell it, "stop!!! stop!!!" ....or "go further!" go further! So this smart solder, you can tell it "don't skip!! don't skew!!"

0402 placement skew

Electronics Forum | Fri Jul 06 18:22:51 EDT 2001 | davef

Oooo, you are waving 0402. Tell us more about your wave and its set-up. Never seen this [knock on wood]. When is this skewing occurring, after placement or during cure? What�s the distribution? What happens when you slow-down yer placement rate?

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