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Water in TH cap sleeves

Electronics Forum | Wed Nov 26 13:20:47 EST 2014 | kkay

We have a lot of large through hole caps and we run everything through a wash process. Unfortunately water makes it's way inside the sleeves that the caps are shrink wrapped in. Has anyone found a way to prevent this from happening? We are running at

Water in TH cap sleeves

Electronics Forum | Wed Nov 26 19:10:05 EST 2014 | caurbach

While I can't directly answer your question, we've had the same problem here occasionally. Our wash parameters are roughly the same as yours. It seems to be correlated to the diameter of the cap (larger caps will balloon while most smaller caps are

Water in TH cap sleeves

Electronics Forum | Mon Dec 01 14:51:55 EST 2014 | jpal

We had the same problem too. Water would remain under the caps even after a bake out. We saw this numerous times when the caps were removed after the wash and bake. The only fix was to hand solder the large electrolytics.

siplace part missing

Electronics Forum | Thu Dec 11 08:20:05 EST 2003 | liang

we ofen have the problem of the part missing.when problem take place .we found the segment sleeve is anomaly.we change the sleeve is ok!but we don't know what is wrong with the sleeve.who can help us ,thks!

Siplace Nozzle Sleeves

Electronics Forum | Fri Jan 29 08:41:49 EST 2016 | mjscottinnc

Two Questions. First, on an HS50 we found that the glass encoder on the back of one of the sleeve was fractured and fell off. I'm wondering if this is common with age or happened when the machine was shipped to us. Second, has anyone in the US purcha

Soldering with Electroless nickel

Electronics Forum | Tue Nov 29 21:51:37 EST 2005 | wmeyers

I have a pin and sleeve assembly that utilizes a fusible link type of solder, Bi, Cd, Pb and Sn alloy. The pin is gold plated, the sleeve is copper alloy 725. I have had sporadic success with wetting of the sleeve during the reflow process. To improv

siplace part missing

Electronics Forum | Thu Dec 11 19:32:11 EST 2003 | stefwitt

Let me guess, you are talking about a Siplace S15 or F3. The bearings around the sleeve could be dirty and create too much friction for the little turning motors to rotate the sleeve. What do you mean by parts missing? Are you saying components are

siplace part missing

Electronics Forum | Tue Dec 16 01:33:25 EST 2003 | liang

hi sam thank your support.your meaning adjust dynamic of the z-axis ?"WE FOUND BEARING UP AND DOWN WITH SOUND "KA,KA"", when we pull out the sleeve ,moving sleeve ,the bearing UP AND DOWN WITH SOUND "KA,KA"".

CP6 Maintenance

Electronics Forum | Fri Apr 21 03:20:04 EDT 2006 | kent_peterson

I think your refering to the sleeve. It is held in with loctite 262 or something. You can set up a bearing puller with a socket to pull it out around station 2-3. Fuji will drop the whole gear out to do this. Too much for a few sleeves.

Siplace Nozzle Sleeves

Electronics Forum | Fri Jan 29 11:24:58 EST 2016 | markhoch

I haven't tried any of the aftermarket suppliers, nor do I know of a repair service, but I do know that ASM offers a core rebate on nozzle sleeves.

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