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Socketed Parts (PLCC)

Electronics Forum | Fri Apr 05 08:35:30 EST 2002 | jax

When the remedy is as easy as not inserting the part until after wave........, maybe say at test, you shouldn't need more than one problem. If you think there is a problem, change it. Since we won't know as much about your process as you,( paste/flux

Automated through hole insertion

Electronics Forum | Wed Jul 22 15:08:29 EDT 2020 | gregp

How about Semi-Auto insertion. Only one type of machine needed to insert virtually any through hole components. The CS-400E was originally manufactured by Contact Systems and now Versatec is offering remanufactured systems...completely rebuilt to t

Seeking Thru-hole Process Flow Solution

Electronics Forum | Thu Oct 24 14:09:29 EDT 2013 | jchosler

Hello, this is my first post to the forum. I am relatively new to the industry so bare with me. I am researching the thru-hole area of our production floor. Currently we are utilizing Contact machines with large parts cabinets shared between 2 machi

ICT testing to improve yields

Electronics Forum | Mon Aug 27 11:05:17 EDT 2012 | rgduval

Getting through the empires is always fun. And, re-qualification testing with your customer (military or not) is also fun, and time-consuming. Add a union shop on top of that, and I truly feel your pain! ICT will solve your immediate problem, as h


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