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FS: Slightly used reflow oven

Electronics Forum | Wed Mar 11 15:39:34 EST 1998 | ETS

For Sale: Full convection reflow oven, slightly used. 5 zone, 100" heated length, 200" overall. 40" cooling zone, edge rail conveyor, built in profiler. For information contact Brian Stumm @ 509-483-0900 or by e-mail.

Fuji Service ?

Electronics Forum | Thu Jul 01 14:44:40 EDT 2004 | Mark

The service has slightly gone downhill since the last layoff they had. But I have had no problems and seem to get all the answers I need. The reason for slightly downhill is they don't have many left to answer calls, answer emails, and do service run

Rippling effect of stencils

Electronics Forum | Fri Feb 15 13:37:31 EST 2002 | gtemple

What about reducing your force and slow the blades down slightly

cold joint on 1 lead of IC

Electronics Forum | Thu Feb 08 08:33:08 EST 2007 | jdumont

Most likely ground plane stealing your heat. Increase dwell slightly if you can.

Pin Through Paste w/ No-Lead

Electronics Forum | Mon Apr 02 10:23:38 EDT 2007 | realchunks

The parameters are the same as leaded paste. The results are slightly worse.


Electronics Forum | Fri Feb 15 18:51:13 EST 2013 | hegemon

My hat in the ring too, but with ALL pads showing 95% coverage or better. Slightly different interpretation! 'hege

Halogen-free Solder Re-flow Quality Issues

Electronics Forum | Fri Nov 06 11:56:43 EST 2015 | derrikf

They're probably 12 - 18 inches, maybe slightly longer.

DEK HORIZON 265 Squeege Pressure question

Electronics Forum | Mon Nov 11 21:19:06 EST 2019 | dekhead

Knead pressure, is normally at or slightly lower (maybe 25%) than print pressure...

Conformal Coating Killing Circuits

Electronics Forum | Thu Jul 30 10:03:53 EDT 2020 | philc

If the PCB is thin, is it possible that the board is warping slightly during the curing process?

Part Rework stencils

Electronics Forum | Mon Feb 14 21:31:08 EST 2022 | stephendo

And you can see at least a little through them. That can be a slight advantage as well.

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