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Re: small metallic bridging

Electronics Forum | Mon Dec 06 09:28:11 EST 1999 | Dave F

Glen: So that's this metal? Is it in the area of PTH or SMT solder connections? Etc, Etc. Assuming its near connections where pasted is reflowed ... Reflow defects, bridging: misplaced components, high placement force mushrooms paste, too much p

Re: small metallic bridging

Electronics Forum | Tue Dec 14 12:41:56 EST 1999 | Kris W

Glen, Although the previous answers probably fit the problem you are having, we recently found that during pin insertion on an Autosplice machine, the gold was flaking from the pins and lodging between the legs of surface mount components. It would

0201 components

Electronics Forum | Tue Sep 14 09:41:22 EDT 1999 | Eric Christison

I'm hoping to use 0201 caps and resistors in a new design but so far have only found one company who makes such small devices (Murato). Can anyone direct me to any other supplier? Are there any particular problems associated with using such small

Skewed components

Electronics Forum | Tue Apr 24 12:56:39 EDT 2001 | Steve

We are experiencing a fair amount of skewed components, mostly 0805 resistors and capacitors, during the reflow process. We have pretty much ruled out the pick-n-place and have determined that it may be happening because of variables at the paste scr

Skewed components

Electronics Forum | Thu Mar 08 04:39:05 EST 2007 | stimpk

Hello, For the most part the ground side width should be reduced, but more than likly you are well into a run of built pcbs? Profiles may or not help in cases of the dreaded DPACK. No issues on any other areas or components so I'd stay away from t

Skewed components

Electronics Forum | Wed Apr 25 16:35:55 EDT 2001 | Steve

Most of the time, we have very few skewed parts so I feel comfortable about the processes in general. However once in a while, often enough to throw off the first pass yield, we will get a few boards with a lot of skewed parts. By skewed I mean that

water wash small but mechanically sensitive PCBA

Electronics Forum | Wed Jun 24 21:34:02 EDT 2015 | kennyg

I am struggling with a water wash process for a very small (1"x1") PCB. It has components that are very esily damaged by contact. I'm stuck with wash. I know, I know, but no-clean isn't an option. We put the board in s compartmentalized wash basked

Production Management for micro small firms

Electronics Forum | Sun Jul 15 21:00:37 EDT 2012 | sarason

Try using the accounting functions in my program PCB Synergy. http://members.iinet.net.au/~sarason/ It can calculate the number if components used in a run by simply importing the PCB or the schematic or a PIK file. It generates CSV which has the num

Looking for small Dishwasher type cleaning

Electronics Forum | Wed Sep 01 16:16:17 EDT 2004 | DenisM

Hi, I have used these type systems in the past and had trouble with white residue and flux removal under low standoff components. All cleaning systems need DI water and this requirement adds another layer of system cost if you don't have DI availabl

small and good pick and place machine

Electronics Forum | Thu Sep 05 23:18:03 EDT 2013 | feiyangniao

There is a new toy I received today: a NeoDen TM-240A automatic desktop pick and place machine! I’ve kept my eyes on this baby for a quite a while, and finally decided to make a purchase last week. The shipping was very fast: DHL from China, a total

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