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SMD 0201

Electronics Forum | Sat Jan 29 21:18:35 EST 2022 | reem1993

Hi everyone, In the assembly of a component of the size of 0201 which Position Accuracy is recommend to use? Stensil thickness? and Solderpaste Type? BR,

0201 placement on Fuji CP4-3

Electronics Forum | Thu Mar 01 16:39:29 EST 2012 | triadelectronics

Our company is going to attempt to place 0201 components using our Fuji CP4-3 with the upgraded SMD3 vision system. Count On Tools is providing the 0.4 mm nozzles and we are using our 8mmX2mm feeders with the 0.7mm tape leaf (if it works at all we w

SMT machines advice

Electronics Forum | Tue Nov 03 03:29:20 EST 2020 | astarotf

Hello everyone. I would like to know opinions about which is the best SMT machine (pick and place) on the market, for smd electronic manufacturing, to put 0201 chip-type components up to large packages, such as coils, capacitors, soic16-, QFN, BGA et

Adhesive Spray for testing and trim P&P

Electronics Forum | Mon May 14 09:35:21 EDT 2018 | directx995

Hello everyone, A few days ago I design one special kind of PCB for testing accuracy of our Pick and Place machines. (for trimming, calibrating, NPI etc.) I am looking for adhesive spray, to apply it on PCB (at the moment I'm using double sided tape

Regarding the choosing of right Suface Finishing

Electronics Forum | Mon Apr 27 11:20:18 EDT 2015 | anirudh_thabjul

hi everyone, I want to prototype my PCB. i have designed entire thing and also created GERBER files. Now i want to be prototyped. So, While searching online PCB manufacturing Companies, I found Many companies. But everywhere it is mentioned choose

non-wet on 0402 mounted on OSP & lead free paste

Electronics Forum | Fri Oct 17 22:36:35 EDT 2008 | arosario

Hi All, We just started build a new product and I am encountering many non-wet rejects in our new product. I need help on what should I look into to improve our Yield. Please see below back ground 1. We are using DEK Infinity as printer. 2. We are mo

Unsoldered Component

Electronics Forum | Fri Aug 03 05:13:01 EDT 2001 | mugen

Well none of us, really know whether, this 0805 CAP is really an unsolder/tombstone defect, coz none of us verfied this with, our own eyes *duh* Funny, this only happened for us, on 0402 ~ 0201 SMD.... Check your land-pad design specifications, if

What rework station you recommend?

Electronics Forum | Tue Mar 19 13:22:13 EDT 2019 | lapskrfc

Dear all, I'm considering to buy a nice rework station for our lab. We are not gonna do mass production and the smallest components that we will be soldering is in the order of 0201 smd components. Actually, I'm considering the following three machi

Year of introduction for standard SMD passives?

Electronics Forum | Wed Feb 04 11:52:27 EST 2009 | steverog

I am trying to find out the year of introduction for each of the standard SMD passive parts. I require this information for a piece of research I am conducting In particular I would like to know in which year the following part sizes were first intr

smt basics

Electronics Forum | Tue May 04 10:59:23 EDT 2004 | Evtimov

Hi, It depends of your boards(are they for SMD or not) and how many boards you assemble. The process at all is like that: 1.Stencil printer - to adjust the paste 2. Pick and place machine(for your quantity) 3.Reflow oven Theese are the machines you


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