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EKRA E5 X20b port

Jul 29, 2019 | I believe the x20 and x21 ports are used for smema. There is a proprietary smema end, that connects

New SMT line introduction

May 16, 2017 |

MPM Up2000 and SMEMA

Sep 12, 2016 |

MPM up500 smema issue

Aug 31, 2016 | If you force a signal (hardware short across Pins 1>2 on SMEMA end of cable) does it indicate downli


Jan 30, 2013 | So that would be Larry the Cable Guy? Hmmm


Jan 29, 2013 | We do sell the cables that will connect your conveyor to the Fuji CP 42. Contact Larry in our parts


Jan 28, 2013 | It's been a long time since I did this. I think if you get a cable (maybe from some of the used equ


Jan 27, 2013 | Could anyone help to connect a FUJI CP42 machine to a conveyer with stanard SMEMA? CP42 has 2 wire c

Universal conveyor

Apr 19, 2012 |

SUNSDA Board loader

Sep 14, 2010 |

Universal BoardFLO connection problem

Apr 21, 2010 | Newer Universal Conveyors use 4 wire smema and FUJI should accomodate this protocol in its config sc

DEK SMEMA to UIC Conveyor

Jul 25, 2009 | Author: Jeff Subject: DEK SMEMA to UIC Conveyor Instead of using a conversion box just make y

DEK SMEMA to UIC Conveyor

Jul 23, 2009 |

DEK SMEMA to UIC Conveyor

Jul 21, 2009 | Instead of using a conversion box just make your own cable. Look in the Dek manual, volume #2, chapt

Quad IVc power up

Apr 13, 2009 | I have seen this problem before. There is a cable that runs from the Quadalign board to the backside

SMEMA to FUJI Interface

Mar 17, 2009 | Try switching pins 1 and 2 on the smema cable going to the CP6 machine. Fuji needs contact close the

SMEMA Configuration

Dec 4, 2008 | google "smema machine interface standards". This will show the cable connections and explain how the

SMEMA Configuration

Dec 2, 2008 |

PMJ Pallet Handlers

Nov 21, 2008 | Does anybody know the pinout diagram for the PMJ pallet destacker SMEMA cable? There seem to be more

Smema between GDM & PCT

Aug 22, 2007 |

Smema communication

Mar 24, 2007 | The 2 machines of yours; are they fully SMEMA compatible? There are plenty of information about SME

SMEMA Interface cables?

Jan 15, 2007 |

SMEMA Interface cables?

Jan 9, 2007 | Just in case ya need it...

SMEMA Interface cables?

Jan 9, 2007 |

SMEMA Interface cables?

Jan 8, 2007 |

SMEMA Interface cables?

Jan 8, 2007 | Hi everyone! I need several Upstream & Downstream SMEMA Interface cables for the line I'm pullin


Jul 11, 2006 |


Oct 11, 2005 | You do not need to buy any special cable for this purpose. Fuji normally has 2 pins connector attach


Oct 11, 2005 | Looking to purchase SMEMA cables to connect a Fuji conveyor to a Fuji CP. Does anyone know were I co

ekra x5 smema question

Apr 1, 2005 | The machine has 2 25 pin cables that are supplied with it and you have to have adapters that plug in

ekra x5 smema question

Mar 29, 2005 | Anyone familiar with making smema work on the ekra x5. I believe is was manufactured with a siemens


Jan 23, 2004 |


Jan 19, 2004 | Machine Interface Standard


Dec 8, 1999 | Yes, there are several conveyor companies that make a conversion box for SMP1 to SMEMA and SMEMA to


Dec 1, 1999 | is there an adapter or cable to run from SMP1 to SMEMA connection. What do each mean and are they

Big SMEMA Troubles :-(

Nov 5, 1998 |

Big SMEMA Troubles :-(

Nov 4, 1998 | I assume that you're dealing w/ Universal's SMPI connectors (and possibly their cables too). We

High Precision SMT Fluid Dispensers

Led testing color sensors