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MPM Up2000 and SMEMA

Electronics Forum | Wed Sep 14 23:30:30 EDT 2016 | ariss_t

Hi, my 2cent.. u could try to check the sensibility of the camera board stop sensor.. maybe it detect something i.e support block.. do reply when u found the actual root cause.. thanks..

Block repeat and fiducial relation

Electronics Forum | Tue Aug 19 14:16:51 EDT 2008 | jax

It depends on whether the Fiducials are Circuit Fiducials (located on the PCB) or Block Fiducials (located on the Panel) His way would be for Block Fiducials.

Block repeat and fiducial relation

Electronics Forum | Tue Aug 19 13:35:51 EDT 2008 | stefi

Hello, I need an advice regarding the next issue: in the case of Assembleon Topaz or Emerald SMT machines, is there necessary to teach first the block repeat coordinates and after that the PCB fiducial coordinates when you do not have these coordina

GSM2 and FlexJet heads

Electronics Forum | Tue Mar 16 06:13:58 EDT 2010 | dilogic

Can you tell me how to distinguish between them? I recently bought a second GSM2. With it I've got two FlexJet heads (dismounted). The serial number of both heads starts with FJ7P, so I assume they are of FJ7 type? The issue is - it seems that the he

Block repeat and fiducial relation

Electronics Forum | Thu Aug 21 19:18:47 EDT 2008 | duchoang

My steps are different in that case: 1- Check mounts. Try to adjust origin point until get the pretty good mount positions. 2- Teach fiducials ( Board fids, not panel fids) 3- Use fids, check mount again. 4- If OK, then teach Block Repeat. This alwas

Block repeat and fiducial relation

Electronics Forum | Fri Aug 22 15:27:13 EDT 2008 | wayne123

this is the order that I use. 1. Teach pcb origin 2. Teach fiducial location 3. dial in vision on fid in mark info. 4. go into mount and verify that the primary image is on in x/y (after perfoming a teach trace condition) and then do any offsetts if

Block repeat and fiducial relation

Electronics Forum | Fri Aug 22 15:26:18 EDT 2008 | rway

I rarely use blk fiducials. But when I do, they are always programmed after the fids. It's the fids that sets your general alignment of the panel. I only use blk fidus for thin pcbs (30 mil) that tend to warp when on the conveyor.

Wiring Schematic Softwares and error checking

Electronics Forum | Sat Jul 19 12:22:55 EDT 2008 | operator

Are there any softwares OR functions inside of the softwares that allow a designer that is creating a very large complicated wiring diagram with say....many terminal blocks and connectors etc... to run a point to point check on his drawing? Bascially

Board change and solder not adhereing completely

Electronics Forum | Fri Apr 06 04:10:25 EDT 2001 | kensmoke

We recently had a multi block panal change at the vendor Now the production lines are producing solderability defects in great number. The makeup of the pcb is a type of fiber glass mask green in color and pads with no tinning just copper lands.

First PCB and it didn't work

Electronics Forum | Tue Jan 07 02:04:45 EST 2020 | robl

Hi Mikey, Your signal pins (2 & 3) for USB1, 2, & 3 are all connected together so there is no way of splitting the incoming signals from the 3 ports. Normally there would be an IC (a USB hub controller) switching between the signals so that the PC

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