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SMT adhesive printing

Electronics Forum | Wed Dec 15 12:41:49 EST 2004 | DasonC

Check IPC-A-610C Chapter 12.1, Staking Adhesive

SMT adhesive printing

Electronics Forum | Wed Dec 15 04:31:26 EST 2004 | huangfox

yes,it maybe lead to test failure,because solder joint is bad

SMT adhesive printing

Electronics Forum | Wed Dec 15 09:00:07 EST 2004 | russ

All of the SMT adhesives that I have used are non-conductive by themselves. I assume that the solder joints are formed by wave soldering?

SMT adhesive printing

Electronics Forum | Tue Dec 14 13:26:19 EST 2004 | Peter

I have a question regarding post cured property of SMT adhesive. If after component placement, the epoxy dot gets compressed and bridges between the 2 pads, what would the impact on the circuitry? Would it pose risk for flux entrapment? Could the cu

Re: Stenil printing adhesive

Electronics Forum | Wed Oct 14 10:04:02 EDT 1998 | Dr. Kantesh Doss, Siemens Energy & Automation, Inc.

Sanjay: Keys to successful adhesive printing are: 1. Understanding the flow behavior of the adhesive under constant shear stress 2. Stencil design, i.e. stencil aperture opening 3. PWB Footprint 4. Stencil printing parameters Optimizing all these fac

Re: Stenil printing adhesive

Electronics Forum | Wed Oct 14 13:52:59 EDT 1998 | Bill Schreiber

Dear Sanjay, An important issue involved when stencil printing adhesives vs. solder paste is: How do you clean the stencils after printing? Do you need two machines? Two chemistries? Two waste streams? What are the potential environmental impacts an

adhesive printing

Electronics Forum | Mon Oct 30 04:32:23 EST 2000 | honda

we want to study printing adhesive,does anyone have advice on process parameter setting of adhesive printing? best regards!

Screen printing adhesive

Electronics Forum | Thu Feb 13 11:00:07 EST 2003 | cbarnett

Looking for feedback from anyone that is currently screen printing adhesive and having good results. If results are good, what type adhesive and type machine is being used?

Stenil printing adhesive

Electronics Forum | Tue Oct 13 18:03:40 EDT 1998 | Sanjay Bhatikar

Sirs, What are the issues involved when a stencil printer is used for printing solder paste and adhesive? UV-curing of adhesive appears to help reduce slump and spread by forming a tough skin on the adhesive blob deposited on the PCB. Is th

Re: adhesive printing

Electronics Forum | Wed Nov 08 03:12:58 EST 2000 | honda

thank everyone!

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