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Skewed and popped components

Electronics Forum | Fri Sep 26 12:57:09 EDT 2003 | Angie

We have had some components that popped off in our IR oven. It was attributed to the solder paste. The humidity was above 60% the temp was about 70 degrees.

Skewed and popped components

Electronics Forum | Tue Sep 23 23:19:34 EDT 2003 | RLW

If you have a board that you've run several times, now you run it and like before all settings are the same, but now you have 0603's randomly skewed or an inch or so away from their intended pad (as if popped up in the air), or an occasional 7343 cap

Skewed and popped components

Electronics Forum | Wed Sep 24 08:34:57 EDT 2003 | stefwitt

Even when you run a board several times, the machine may not make the same travel path every time. This in itself does not create a problem, but the vacuum on the nozzles could be different, dependent on the configuration of components on the heads.

Solder Paste and fine pitch components

Electronics Forum | Thu Sep 19 11:14:45 EDT 2002 | Jim M.

We had lots of problems with bridging on 15.8mm pitch, QFP17-160 at the start.The board was .032 thick, double sided-six boards to a panel. Here is the problems (not neccessarily in the biggest to little but as i remember them) and solutions that he

SMT Adhesive and Other

Electronics Forum | Thu Feb 07 14:58:08 EST 2008 | operator

We don't have one of those cool air compressed syringes to dispense adhesive. We have to do it by hand. My question is does anyone have any suggestions on syringe size, needle size etc... for successful deposition of SMT adhesive? I know you can go s

Heat guns and component damage

Electronics Forum | Wed Feb 01 22:27:16 EST 2006 | KEN

Many relays use soldered post coil terminatins inside the relay. In one case many years ago I found the SMT relay manufacturer used eutectic solder inside their hermetic relay. The SMT relay would fail because the solder balled up on the post, woul

SOT23s and paste + glue

Electronics Forum | Mon Dec 22 20:16:17 EST 2008 | davef

The first question in solving the "ol' SMT component loss after second-side wave operation" problem is: So, what makes you think the components actually came-off in the wave and not during some previous 'handling'? Putting that aside, we'll play thi

Cracking Capacitors and Solder Balls

Electronics Forum | Mon Jun 08 14:19:30 EDT 1998 | Gary Simbulan

Earl, et al, Boy things get old and cold around here fast. I promised more detail on my capactior problem and I thought I could drop something completely different in the same message and tell a tale of solder balls. First the caps. We still have

SMT Design: Package distance and stand-off height

Electronics Forum | Wed Nov 12 04:34:17 EST 2008 | kywl

Hi all, Assuming that i were to design a PCB and there are multiple components, what is the minimum spacing required to ensure that i won't have problems in my SMT process later on? Also, is there a minimum component stand-off height spec as well?

SMT Design: Package distance and stand-off height

Electronics Forum | Fri Nov 14 07:32:24 EST 2008 | davef

Yes, courtyard gives you the space requirement of a component. Sometimes, the working space of a rework tool takes precidence, though.

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