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lead free platings and tin lead

Electronics Forum | Tue Aug 31 21:45:49 EDT 2004 | KEN

I have experienced this directly in SMT and wave solder. Fillet lift (can) be a direct indicator to lead enrichment (but its not the exclusive symptom). Lead enrichment in smt joints reduces the interfacial strength shortening the time to creep f

Working with Lead free and Pb Capacitors

Electronics Forum | Fri Jan 27 10:58:11 EST 2006 | mafc65

We are running our prduction (TV's)with Lead Free Solder, since 1 year ago, but we still have a lot of Electrolityc Capacitor (Thruhole and SMT)in stock that are for PB Solder. We have to use them before February-06. Do anybody know if there is a pro

SN100C alloy positive and negatives

Electronics Forum | Wed Dec 24 15:28:17 EST 2008 | edmentzer

We use SN100C for wave soldering and hand Lead free soldering and have had very good results. The wire cored solder for hand soldering flows good and makes very good solder joints. The SN100C in the wave solder machine also works very good. We use

Solder beads and wave soldering

Electronics Forum | Mon Jul 03 05:39:05 EDT 2006 | ronalds

Hi, I am experience problems while testing wave soldering SMT components that are glued on the solderside (lead free). Between de leads of SOx type IC's and SOT's develop a great deal of solder beads. I have been using a RSS temp.profile while spr

SMT and BGA Rework Machine

Electronics Forum | Tue Aug 22 03:04:07 EDT 2006 | PP

Any help/suggestion is much appreciated I am doing lots of BGA Reworks from a small uBGA with a few balls to a large BGA with over 1500 balls. The reworks have been done on SRT 1100 Series Machine for many years. SRT 1100 Machine is good for the c

SMT line expansion - new oven and selective solder

Electronics Forum | Sat Feb 22 11:37:00 EST 2020 | kylehunter

Hey all, I've made a post in the past about us expanding to a new space, but I wanted to do a new post with specific questions. We currently have a DEK 265, Phillips Opal Xii, and a Heller 1500. Our main reason for expanding is to have a lead-free

Lead/Lead Free In-Line Wash and UT cleaners

Electronics Forum | Mon Oct 03 12:11:18 EDT 2005 | PWH

Soon we will be manufacturing board assemblies on our SMT lines that will utilize both lead and lead free water soluable solder pastes. I have read some discussion about change-over from lead to lead-free jobs related to machine cleanliness, etc. H

Lead Free and Leaded Process Mix

Electronics Forum | Fri Jun 24 17:08:13 EDT 2005 | franciscoioc

Hi Everyone, I need everybodys help on this one. We are a company that suppose to be exempt from the Lead-Free world and we were happy untill we find out alot of the Components manufacturers will change their parts to Lead-Free but not their part nu

Cleaning prototype PCB assemblies and waste water

Electronics Forum | Tue Jun 19 12:26:38 EDT 2007 | billr73

We will be hand soldering a small number of PCBs per week (both through hole and SMT) using a water soluble flux. We will be using both standard leaded and lead free solder. The completed assemblies be hand washed in a sink using hot water. Do we

Lead/Lead Free In-Line Wash and UT cleaners

Electronics Forum | Mon Oct 03 22:16:58 EDT 2005 | Ken

If that's the case, let your customer go. I have run into this situation recently. Q. Why do you not run a dedicated line for lead free? A. You (the customer) give less than 12 weeks forcast and expect us to have a dedicated line for your product?

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