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smd led storage

Electronics Forum | Thu Mar 18 14:33:46 EDT 2010 | jdumont

Is your peak reflow temp exceeding the LED spec? We store our SMT LED reels on the rack with the rest of the discreets and have never seen this issue...

smd led storage

Electronics Forum | Thu Mar 18 11:42:00 EDT 2010 | cellis

I would recommend doing a google search on smt dry box. There are several supplies of them. We supply them also from http://www.manncorp.com Thanks, Chris

difference between led and neon bulbs

Electronics Forum | Sat Aug 22 09:09:31 EDT 2015 | tvliquidator

what is the technical difference between led and neon bulbs

difference between led and neon bulbs

Electronics Forum | Fri Aug 28 12:11:10 EDT 2015 | davef

LED: [Light-emitting diode] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Light-emitting_diode Neon lamp: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Neon_lamp

smt terms and definitions

Electronics Forum | Wed Dec 08 18:13:43 EST 1999 | tom

several days ago iwas able to get on to view the smt terms and conditions at smtnet.com/library/content/terms1/index.cfm but now i can't seem to get this page it's a dead link help me please this is the reason i signed up and now i p.o thanks tom te

static issue on 0603 led tape and reel

Electronics Forum | Wed Oct 13 08:37:49 EDT 2010 | denisp

we have a static problem with 0603 led when removing the plastic retainer from the tape and reel. same problem with the feeder causing reject and bad placement. is there someone having the same problem? and how to fix it. thank you

Re: smt terms and definitions

Electronics Forum | Thu Dec 09 10:13:53 EST 1999 | Clifford Peaslee

Tom, Yes you were right, that file was unavailable. It has been replaced. Thanks, Cliff

Re: smt terms and definitions

Electronics Forum | Sat Dec 11 10:45:08 EST 1999 | tom terlizzi

tried again to dec 11 and it work the first time I don't have my password this time I did so maybe you have to been in a password mode thanks Tom Terlizzi aeroflex

smt common pad 0402 and 1206 package

Electronics Forum | Fri May 06 08:39:59 EDT 2016 | kahrpr

The first issue I see is that you have a high potential of the 402 tombstoning.

Bottom side smt and thru hole

Electronics Forum | Tue May 26 22:13:15 EDT 1998 | Pat Copeland

R&D is currently designing a board with smt components on both sides of the board. They are adding a 16 pin IC Gull wing. on the bottom side of the board. I have asked for only caps and resistors to be placed on the bottom side. Is there a recommende

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