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smt terms and definitions

Electronics Forum | Wed Dec 08 18:13:43 EST 1999 | tom

several days ago iwas able to get on to view the smt terms and conditions at smtnet.com/library/content/terms1/index.cfm but now i can't seem to get this page it's a dead link help me please this is the reason i signed up and now i p.o thanks tom te

Re: nozzle - terminology

Electronics Forum | Fri Dec 10 12:55:36 EST 1999 | Larry Johnson

Marlies, I have never seen a nozzle on any SMT machine that does not require a vacuum. As for your first question, I believe them to be all one in the same. Larry Johnson

Battery clip nozzle

Electronics Forum | Mon Aug 31 06:26:44 EDT 2015 | piyakorn

Hi At our SMT mounting found battery clip stick in the reel pocket and some dropped under pick&place machine from the nozzle can not pick out the part which got recommendation should change the nozzle type from standard placement to be clip sho

Re: SIPLACE nozzle configuration

Electronics Forum | Wed Jan 28 15:35:47 EST 1998 | Tommy Turner

| We have some trouble adding a IC head Nozzle to a | Siemens Siplace machine. | It seems like the machine don't want to recieve | new MA data, coz even if we restart the line | the old nozzle configuration will be used. | Anyone know what we do wron

smt connector

Electronics Forum | Fri Mar 22 10:56:41 EST 2002 | jax

Why are you unable to place this part with your Machine. Part to big? No pick up point( nozzle landing area )? No Feeder? Vision recognition? If we know why you can't place it, we might have a fix.

smt rework

Electronics Forum | Thu Nov 09 13:43:48 EST 2006 | RJ K.

Can anyone tell me an approximate cost of the PDR 410 and/or ERSA IR rework station? Is the main advantage of using these systems over a hot air machine in that nozzles are not needed?

smt connector

Electronics Forum | Sun Mar 24 16:53:44 EST 2002 | mikestringer

We place a similar square pin style of connector on one of our products. The connector is a 22mm high HW series from Samtek. We have a Yamaha YVL88 MK1 and YV88XS set up to handle them (Yes they are rebadged as Philips machines in some markets). No

smt rework

Electronics Forum | Fri Nov 10 09:21:20 EST 2006 | Steve

I had a PDR Lightmaster Pro at the last place I worked at, and I thought it was the best rework station I've ever used. Not only because of the fact that no nozzles were needed, but the heat delivery from the focused IR light was superb. I don't know

smt costings

Electronics Forum | Mon Mar 30 09:52:56 EDT 2015 | rgduval

Seems like you've got it about right....though, it's a rather complex equation. Loaded labor cost is only a part of it, if you're trying to estimate down to the last cent. You have to account for energy utilization, space utilization in the factory

Max and Min nozzle settings on CP7

Electronics Forum | Sat Jul 24 04:02:18 EDT 2004 | kent_peterson

Two ways at it.You could just put the same nozzle for both the min and max.Or you could move the feeder into a location that has similar parts using the nozzle you want. With the feeder setup it should be optimized for the least amount of nozzle ch

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