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SMT Process carrier storage

Electronics Forum | Tue Aug 09 16:08:20 EDT 2022 | cyber_wolf

Who builds/sells SMT process carrier storage units ? Thanks in advance !

SMT Process carrier storage

Electronics Forum | Wed Aug 10 01:28:40 EDT 2022 | davef

Below are several suppliers. KingFei and FKN Systek sponsor SMTnet. KingFei SMT Tech [ https://smtnet.com/company/index.cfm?fuseaction=view_company&company_id=53598 ] FKN Systek Products [ https://smtnet.com/company/index.cfm?fuseaction=product_cat

SMT and TH board carrier

Electronics Forum | Fri Aug 27 10:25:52 EDT 1999 | Matthew Park

Is it feasible to have one type of board carriers to take boards thru 1) glue curing process for first side and 2)invert carriers with boards, and 3)reflowing second side, and 4) do manual stuffing of th components and 5) take them thru selective wav

Part orientation in carrier tape

Electronics Forum | Tue Sep 28 08:07:48 EDT 1999 | Doug

Does anyone know of a web site (or other source) that illustrates the orientation of polarized SMT packages with respect to the carrier tape sprocket holes? THANKS, Doug

Flex pcb carrier / palett

Electronics Forum | Fri Nov 30 05:28:12 EST 2012 | d0min0

Hello, we are starting with the flex pcb production, can anyone advice a company in europe that is capable of design and manufacture palett / carriers / frames that allow to produce flex boards in standard smt process regards

Adjust SMT full process flow carrier

Electronics Forum | Mon Nov 27 20:44:01 EST 2017 | cmchoue

Dear expert's, I want to find the carrier that can support SMT print,placement,reflow and size can adjust. (My production is Motherboard) Does anyone have experience on it?or any infromation or photo can reference? Thanks Best w

Adjust SMT full process flow carrier

Electronics Forum | Thu Nov 30 20:30:39 EST 2017 | cmchoue

Thanks Russfrom~It's useful infor.

Adjust SMT full process flow carrier

Electronics Forum | Wed Dec 27 08:18:24 EST 2017 | sumote

I also recommend Pentagon EMS.

Adjust SMT full process flow carrier

Electronics Forum | Tue Nov 28 10:30:14 EST 2017 | georgetruitt

CHECK OUT INSULFAB OR STONE MOUNTAIN TOOL http://insulfabtools.com/gallery http://stonemountaintool.com/fixtures/

Adjust SMT full process flow carrier

Electronics Forum | Thu Dec 07 11:21:56 EST 2017 | slthomas

It's been a while since I've dealt with them personally but I have worked with several guys that swear by Pentagon EMS for all of their fixturing. http://www.pentagon-ems.com/

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