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Settting up conveyors for a SMT line....

Electronics Forum | Thu Feb 13 11:40:50 EST 2003 | fastek

Just make sure you secure them in place once you get them where you want. Brackets fastened by bolts into the floor are the best. I know it may sound trivial, but many companies I visit simply ignore this step and they fight with their conveyors cons

Siplace Nozzle Sleeves

Electronics Forum | Mon Feb 01 05:00:41 EST 2016 | oxygensmd

I haven't experiences with the asian suppliers, we order replacement parts from ASM, AdoptSMT or SaleCon. Both of them has replacement parts. Sometime this issue happens if the machine was not shipped properly. The heads need to fasten by cable tie

SMT Printing Stencil Storage

Electronics Forum | Thu May 12 12:59:54 EDT 2022 | spoiltforchoice

The most annoying thing about these boxes I have encountered is that nobody seems to want to keep using the same box and the same hook for more than about 5mins, some are easy to open, some make it easy to drop the setncil straight of the bottom and

Jig for PCB

Electronics Forum | Tue Apr 18 07:28:32 EDT 2006 | JH

Mark, I am having difficulty picturing exactly what you are doing, but I hope this helps. We occasionally use jigs through SMT, usually because the board is too small/thin to fit the smallest rail width. In such situations, we normally make the jig

soulder SMT Mat

Electronics Forum | Wed May 16 10:37:58 EDT 2007 | wavemasterlarry

what in blue blazzes is going on here? i here what youre saying but cant pick up what youre lying down! Why in gods gravey would you wantto solder on a static mat? You can degrade the mat if your solder burn threw it. I asked our all noing macani

General SMT Question

Electronics Forum | Sun Nov 23 08:28:16 EST 2008 | orian

Wow im amazed by the amount of replies I got, thank you all for your time. Davef, Mika, and eetour Thank you all for the websites, I've found googling homebrew to be most useful there really is alot of content, too bad I didn't search for that in th


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