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Re: Reflow glue and past.

Electronics Forum | Tue Feb 08 16:09:09 EST 2000 | dean

Generally speaking with most electronic grade epoxies: 1. Cure time is a function of temperature. 2. Polymer bonds begin to quickly break down above certain temperatures (product specific). I believe aprox 170-180C. The strength of the bond de

Re: Discoloring of Soldermask and silkscreen

Electronics Forum | Mon Apr 19 20:49:13 EDT 1999 | Dave F

| Netters, | | When I reflow a PCB there is a discoloration of silkscreen and mask. It appears if Profile is too hot! But I dont think so, maybe I'm wrong? | | 1. Kester 293 no clean | 2. 2.1 C/s for 30s to 150 C | 3. .5 - .7 C/s for 60s to 185

Convection Oven and thermo profiling of Circuit Boards

Electronics Forum | Mon Apr 17 19:42:34 EDT 2000 | Russ Cutler

We just bought a new Heller 1800 EXL reflow oven for reflowing SMT boards. We us a low temp RMA solder paste with 2% silver. Everything we build is to IPC Class 3 specifications. We have approximately 600 different types of circuit boards we build

Gold plated board, with csp's and 0603 with no clean apetures

Electronics Forum | Thu Sep 26 11:44:23 EDT 2002 | abelardo

Hello everyone out there in the SMT world. I have a dilema I'm currently running a board that has 3 csp's with a .75 mm. ball pitch and .3mm ball size. And 2 qfp's-160. The stencil is 4 mils thick and I'm using a 63/37 solder paste. My reflow prof


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