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Nylon connectors in reflow

Electronics Forum | Mon Aug 25 20:49:27 EDT 2003 | msimkin

Anyone use glass filled nylon connectors utilising the intrusive reflow techique (pin in paste). We are having probe with them becoming brittle after reflow- apparently due to moisture. We are also seeing bubbling on outside plastic.Peak oven temp 22

Interested in pin-in-paste process with standard ROHS connectors

Electronics Forum | Thu Jun 30 12:21:33 EDT 2022 | kumarb

Thanks. Yes, we have attempted to use standard ROHS profiles in the past and turned our THT connectors into 'chucky dolls' after the PCBA left the oven. We then realized that we need the high temp nylon connectors to allow for the use inside the SMT

Flexi Circuits Assembly

Electronics Forum | Thu Feb 14 20:24:07 EST 2002 | scott

My first reaction would be to run! FAST! Flex -- well, it... flexes... and isn't flat. While you assemble it, While you transport it, While it goes through the oven... SMT Connectors typically need to be held down during reflow. Fiducial types are

Re: no-clean process / Got Dendritus Eh?

Electronics Forum | Thu Sep 24 10:19:55 EDT 1998 | Dave F

| i am working on a no-clean process implementation project in a company. i want to change a board to no-clean which had dendrite problems underneath the small resistors on the bottom side(in smt).i want more information on the exact cause of dendrit

Re: haloing on SMT PCBs

Electronics Forum | Mon Jun 08 15:01:02 EDT 1998 | D.Lange

| I work QA at an OEM in Alberta, Canada. I saw earlier posts on the smtnet regarding PCB haloing criteria. I am currently in a dispute with my PCB vendor over the acceptability of haloing (delamination) around plated through holes and vias on a lot

Re: no-clean process / Got Dendritus Eh?

Electronics Forum | Sat Sep 26 19:09:17 EDT 1998 | Graham Naisbitt

As an addendum to Daves posting, please consider that: There is no such thing as no residue fluxing. A no-clean must herefore, have benign residues - in other words, they are not as efficient at removing surface oxides to enable good solder joints. S


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